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What Does the Yellow EnergyGuide Label on Appliances Mean?


EnergyGuide Appliance Label

EnergyGuide Appliance Label

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Question: What Does the Yellow EnergyGuide Label on Appliances Mean?
What does the yellow EnergyGuide label found on new appliances mean and how do I use it to compare to other models? What is the EnergyGuide label for?
Answer: Yellow EnergyGuide labels are found mainly on large home appliances and they show an estimate of how much electricity that particular appliance will use over a year of average use.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWhs) which is the gauge used by your power company when charging you electricity usage. All new appliances must be factory tested and measured against US tests for that class, after which they are assigned a range of estimated usage - low to high.

It's easy to compare one freezer to another in the similar size range, just compare either their low or high energy use. Buying the freezer that has a lower kWhs/year will save you money in electricity costs.

If the same appliance also shows the EnergyStar logo on the EnergyGuide label, that means it has performed well in stringent government energy tests and will give you the lowest energy use which renders even better electricity savings.

The EnergyGuide label also shows an average of what it will cost over a year at an estimated power rate. If your local power rate is higher, you can multiply either the low or high kwhs given by your own local power rate to get a better idea of consumption costs. Keep in mind that usage varies per consumer and tests are conducted using estimations.

For the best energy savings, when you shop for a home appliance, choose a model with the lowest estimated usage shown on the EnergyGuide label, plus the presence of the EnergyStar logo.

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