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Before You Buy a Freezer - Freezer Buying Tips


Steps to Successful Freezer Shopping:
1. Determine freezer capacity required, storing space and style preference.
2. For energy savings - choose a freezer that is EnergyStar® rated, or has the best energy rating.
3. Look for the special features you want - price will adjust accordingly. 4. Plan where you'll put the new freezer before you buy.

Freezer Capacity, Storing & Style Considerations

These are the most important freezer considerations:
  • Freezer capacity required: Do you buy for 2, or a large family? Are you near shopping areas, or do you have to buy in bulk? Do you have other freezer space available, or will this be your only freezer?
  • Storing Location: Where will you put the freezer? Allow sufficient clearances when measuring for a freezer and take measurements with you.
  • Which style of freezer do you prefer: Chest or upright - which style will fit best in your space?

Pros & Cons of a Chest Freezer

  • More freezer capacity and a chest freezer can accommodate odd sized food items, but foods are difficult to get at, and can be forgotten in the bottom.
  • Lower freezer profile will not obscure windows, but it has a larger footprint to locate.
  • A chest freezer is more energy efficient - cold doesn't escape easily when lid is opened, and foods keep longer.
  • Most chest freezers are manual defrost - using less energy.
  • Chest freezers are usually more economically priced than uprights.

Pros & Cons of an Upright Freezer

  • An upright freezer allows ease of retrieving, sorting and organizing foods.
  • An upright freezer has a smaller footprint similar to a refrigerator, but with a slightly taller profile.
  • Some freezer models come with automatic defrost for ease of cleaning, but foods can freezer burn more quickly, and energy costs are higher.
  • Foods are more visible in an upright freezer and not forgotten or lost within.
  • An upright freezer is easier to relocate; will generally fit through doorways (there are extra wide models).
  • Upright freezers are usually priced slightly higher than chest models.

Common Freezer Features

Now that you've decided on style and capacity, here are the most common freezer features available:
  • Manual Defrost
  • Adjustable temperature control (may not be standard on all models)
  • Interior and operating indicator light
  • Lock with key
  • Chest freezers usually have at least one basket
  • Uprights usually have at least one adjustable shelf

Special Features to Consider

  • EnergyStar® rated will provide the best energy savings, and energy ratings vary per models.
  • Ice maker feature
  • An exterior that is textured is easier to maintain
  • A seamless interior is easier to clean
  • Fast freeze section or other freezing features
  • Defrost drain or hose
  • Check that hinges are heavy duty
  • Freezer coils that extend to all side walls, will help to keep the temperature constant

Other Freezer Considerations

Buy for adequate capacity - a bigger freezer just in case you may need the space, will cost you more to operate than necessary.
Some chest freezers are narrower, allowing easy relocation through doorways and hallways.
Warranty and service should be considered.
Care & maintenance of your freezer will improve its operation.

How Do You Dispose of the Old Freezer?

Freezers usually contain harmful gases, and for this reason, regulations may require that it be prepared for disposal by a certified person, before being allowed into a landfill site.
Landfills may also charge dumping fees for disposal.
When purchasing a new freezer, the seller may be willing to remove the old appliance, and this may save you money in certification and disposal fees.

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