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Large Home Appliances

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Resources, buying tips and information on major appliances for your home
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Energy-Saving Water Heating Options
Energy-Saving Water Heating Options; how to heat water more efficiently; water heater tips and how to conserve energy with your water heater

5 Things You Can Learn From Product Reviews
5 Things You Can Learn From Product Reviews

Whirlpool Offers a Microwave for the Corner
Whirlpool's WMC200005YD Countertop Microwave designed for the corner

WasherFan Review - Fix for Front Load Washer Mold
WasherFan - Fix for Front Load Mold Review; WasherFan is a permanent solution to washer mold - read my review; how to get rid of front load washer mold; review of WasherFan to solve washer mold problems; washing machine mold solutions

GE GeoSpring™ Hybrid Energy Star Water Heater
A look at the GE GeoSpring™ Hybrid Water Heater which will be available in March 2012

Troubleshooting Appliance Problems You Can Actually See
Troubleshooting appliance problems for issues you can see

Smart Meter - Definition and Use
What a smart meter is and why they are in use; understanding smart electricity meters

Elmira Northstar Retro Wall Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator Drawer Panels
Elmira Stove Works Northstar Retro Appliances such as the Northstar Wall Oven, Northstar Microwave, Northstar 1948 model double-drawer fridge panel kit that fits KitchenAid refrigerator drawers

Sprayway Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner Review, Sprayway Glass Cleaner Review
Reviews of Sprayway Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner, Sprayway Glass Cleaner; Sprayway household cleaners reviews

6 Things You Must Do if You Have a Smart Meter
6 Things you must do if you want to save money on a smart meter; on TOU rates and a smart meter? Ways to save money and reduce your smart meter bills

GE Mechanical Time Switch 24-Hour Water Heater Timer Review
GE Mechanical Time Switch Review; Water Heater Timer Review; control the time your heater heater is on

ITT AquaCharge Water Pump
Review of ITT AquaCharge submersible rechargeable water pump; compact submersible AquaCharge water pump for fresh or salt water use

Before You Buy Appliances Index
Index of buying tips for appliances and housewares

Time of Use Electricity Rates (TOU)
Time of use electricity rates are usually tied into smart meter programs. Learn about time of use (TOU) hydro rates; time of use electricity rates - what they are

Appliance Reviews and Ratings
Appliance reviews offer inside information about a product - how well it performs, whether it has some design issues and how certain features function. And while some reviews may not be as helpful, most are and reading appliance reviews can help you make the best buying decision for your needs, home and budget. As a consumer, you can provide a...

Write an Appliance Review
Write an Appliance Review; Review and Rate Your Appliances; have your say and help consumers by writing reviews on your appliances

AppliancesOnline U.K.
An online resource for appliances for U.K. consumers

10 Ways to Save Money on Appliances
Whether you're replacing a large appliance, buying an appliance gift for someone on your list, or buying the essentials and setting up a home for the first time, there are ways to save on appliances. Learn how to be a frugal shopper and save money buying appliances. And every dollar saved can be used for other essentials or help the family...

Home Steamers - Types of Steam Cleaners and Steam Appliances
Steam is in - the must-have feature, but what does it really do? And trying to differentiate between all the steam related appliances, can be downright confusing. There are several types of steamers designed for home use including steam cleaners, steam irons, steam carpet cleaners and steam generators, just to name a few. Some are designed...

If Your Appliance is Recalled - What to do
What to do if you think your appliance has been recalled

Appliance Safety Tips
Tips on how to use appliances safely; appliance safety tips

Make Product Safety a Priority
Learn how to identify a safe product, how to monitor your appliances for safety issues and more product safety tips.

What is CEE and How Does it Apply to Home Appliances
What is CEE and how does it relate to washers and dishwashers? What does a washer's CEE Tier III mean?

Find Your Cash for Appliances Rebate Program by State or Territory
Cash for Appliances State Rebate Programs, Cash for appliances, US Cash for Energy Star appliances programs, find your state information on the cash for appliances rebate program; appliance rebates

Quick Facts About the U.S. Cash for Appliances Rebate Program
Cash for Appliances Rebate Programs, Cash for appliances, US Cash for Energy Star appliances programs, find your state information on the cash for appliances rebate program, how to get an appliance rebate

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Learn about product testing and safety certification

Cash for Appliances Rebate Programs
Learn more about the US Cash for Clunker Appliances Rebate Programs

What Does the Yellow EnergyGuide Label on Appliances Mean?
Understanding the EnergyGuide label on home appliances; what the EnergyGuide label means when comparing appliances and energy use.

How to Keep Your Appliances Working Longer
Care tips to help your appliances last longer. How to get longer life out of your appliances. Save money and keep your appliances working longer. Taking care of your appliances to extend their life.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Service Contract
Should you buy an extended service agreement? Learn their benefits and constraints.

Summit 48" Electric Combination Kitchen C48E
A look at the Summit 48" Electric Combination Kitchen for cabins, hunting camps or small cottages.

Electrolux - Launches New Electrolux Appliance Collection & Kelly's Ba
Introducing the new premium line of Electrolux appliances featuring the Kelly's Bags promotion

Buying Home Appliances - Should You Consider Color or Go Neutral?
Colored appliances are back, but is color right for you? Buying home appliances and choosing the finish.

Whirlpool Gold GX900 Trash Compactor - Profile
Profile of Whirlpool's GX900 Trash Compactor, features and installation requirements

Bring Good Things to Life
A grassroots organization with a mission to help consumers of GE appliances find help and make their concerns heard.

Appliance Set-Up Costs You Can Expect
Shopping for large appliances? Be prepared for the additional costs associated with large appliance purchases.

Old Appliances - Donation & Disposal Options, Resources
Listing of resources for disposing or donating old large appliances.

A Whole Lot of Glimmer - A Look at New Appliance Trends
A look at new large appliance trends and values for your money.

Baby Boomers - Downsizing & Appliance Strategy
How Baby Boomers can prepare for retirement living by downsizing, replacing, and choosing appliances to suit their new smaller home.

Scotch-Brite™ Stainless Steel Cleaner
Review of Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner with disposable cleaning pads for all your stainless steel appliances.

Kenmore Pro Suite of Appliances - Best Features
Top features of the Kenmore Pro Suite of Appliances

InSinkErator® Evolution Excel™ Food Waste Disposers
A look at InSinkErator's Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer and accessories, with MultiGrind Plus and SoundSeal Plus technology.

Dacor Designer Ventilation Systems - Elegant Style & Performance
Designing your new kitchen or renovating the old? Dacor Designer Ventilation Systems add elegance and performance to your cooking area.

Tankless Water Heaters - What You Need to Know
What you need to know about Tankless Water Heaters by About Home Repair Guide Bob Formisano.

5 Time Saving Features We Often Overlook
Five time saving features we often overlook on our appliances.

Take Time to Register Your New Kitchen Investment
Registering your new appliance is simple, quick and can you save you money later.

Energy Star - What is Energy Star
Energy Star and what is means for appliances.

Best Stainless Steel Cleaner for Your Stainless Appliances
Stainless steel cleaners that work to keep your stainless appliances looking shiny and clean.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Appliances
Ways to save you money on energy use.

Honest Appliance Reviews Resource
Review your high end appliances or search for appliance reviews before buying.

How to Buy Appliances Online - Video
Learn how to buy appliances online and enjoying safe, convenient shopping

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