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Videos tend to make instructions much easier to understand and simplifies what can seem like confusing information. Watch About.com videos and learn some important buying tips or skills regarding buying a washer, dryer, detergents, laundry or other related tasks. I've also included some helpful article links to further explain the topic.

1. How to Buy a Topload Washer - Video

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From this video, learn what to consider when buying a topload washing machine and what features are best. Be better informed when you start shopping to find the best topload washer. And read more about washers, how to install one for convenience and other helpful washer buying or care tips:

Compare Prices of Washers
Washer 101 - From Buying Tips to Care, Use
Before You Buy a Washer
How to Buy a Portable Compact Washer
How to Install a Washer and Dryer for Best Convenience
7 Ways to Save Energy With a Topload Washer
Why a Washer Vibrates - Causes & Remedies
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2. How to Buy a Frontload Washer - Video

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When it comes to buying a frontload washer, this newer genre of washing machine can leave a consumer perplexed. Thats because these high efficiency (HE) washers have a wider range of features than the traditionally-styled topload washer. Learn from this video, how to shop for and find the best frontload washer. Also read additional buying tips as well as important care information you need to know about frontload washers:
Compare Prices of Washers
HE High Efficiency Frontload Washer 101 - From Buying to Care Tips
How a High Efficiency (HE) Washer Differs from a Conventional Topload Washer
Washer 101 - From Buying to Care, Use Tips
What is HE Detergent?
About All-in-One Laundry Units
Caring for an HE Washer and Preventing Mold
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3. Compare Topload and Frontload Washers - Video

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It can be difficult to make a decision between buying a topload washer or a frontload washing machine. Learn more and understand the main differences between the two styles of washers in this video, so you can make that purchase decision. And when it comes to high efficiency washers, though most models are frontload, there are many topload HE washers as well, if that is your preferred style of washer. Also read more about the different washers:
Compare Prices of Washers
Frontload vs Topload Washers - Which is Best?
How a Frontload Washer Differs from a Conventional Topload Washer
Learn more about washers in general - Washers 101
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4. What is HE Detergent - Video

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If you choose a high efficiency washing machine which can be either a frontload or a topload washer, a special HE detergent should be used. Find out what HE detergent is and why it is recommended for HE machines in this video. Note that HE detergents must show the HE logo shown on the front of the container. And read more about detergents:
Compare Prices of HE Detergents
What is HE Detergent?
About HE Washers and HE Detergents
About HE Detergent from the Soap and Detergent Association
Can I Use Regular Detergent in an HE Washer?
Controlling Suds in an HE Washer
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5. How to Use HE Detergent - Video

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What consumers find different when it comes to using HE detergent is the lack of suds. It is formulated to deliver no bubbles. There are good reasons for this if you understand what HE detergent is. There's also a dispenser that is used for the detergent. Learn how to use HE detergent in this video. And read more about HE detergent:
What are HE Detergents?
Controlling Suds in an HE Washer
Where to Add the HE Detergent to the Washer
Concentrated HE Detergents
Can I Use Regular Detergent in an HE Washer?
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6. How to Make Organic Laundry Soap - Video

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Consumers are becoming more conscientious about what they are using, whether it is healthy for their own use or harmful for the environment. This has generated a lot of interest for organic detergents. This video shows you how to make organic laundry soap. Since organic products are generally more expensive, knowing how to make your own at home, can be a frugal way to do laundry.
Compare Prices of Organic Laundry Detergents
Learn more about detergents from the American Cleaning Institute
Find other helpful information from the Soap and Detergent Association
How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent from About's Frugal Living
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8. How to Hand Wash Clothes - Video

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Even if your washer has a delicate cycle, you may often have to hand wash some garments such as sweaters, shawls or other specialty clothing. This video shows you the easy and proper way to hand wash garments if you want to save time and money. And garments that are washed by hand generally also need to either be laid flat or hung to dry. Read more about fabric care, accessories and drying racks:
Zero by Woolite - for Delicates
Best Types of Hangers and Clothes Organizers
Compare Prices of Drying Racks
Compare Prices of Clotheslines
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9. How to Remove Mildew Smell from Towels - Video

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When your towels smell moldy or have a dirty sock smell, you do need to investigate what has caused the odor to set in to the towels. Sometimes a longer wash will remove the odor. Occasionally, we forget that some of the towels were damp when put in the hamper where they sat for a couple of days. This can lead to a mildew smell. Though unpleasant, it can usually come out as you'll see in this video. This often helps to restore towels.

However, if they have been damp just too long and mold has set in, you might not have any choice but to replace them. And if the mold has been caused by washer mold which tends to occur in frontload washers, try the video instructions for your towels, but you must address the issue of washer mold and resolve the problem.
Learn more about washer mold in frontload washers
Frontload Washers 101 - From buying to care, use, tips
Compare Prices of Towels
Learn More About Laundry Room Accessories
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10. Folding Flat and Fitted Sheets - Video

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Many struggle with the right and tidy way to fold sheets; learn how to properly fold them in this video. Doing it right saves space and keeps your linen closet tidy, but it also saves you time and frustration.
Compare Prices of Bed Sheets
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