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Solutions for Front-Load Washer Mold Issues

Front-Load Washer Mold and How Consumers are Coping


While high-efficiency washers have great convenience and energy-saving features, many consumers have experienced serious mold issues with their front load or top load washers.

If you can detect a mold odor coming from your washing machine or your washload smells anything but clean and fresh, you may already have a mold issue that needs attention. Readers have reported that their clean towels smelled like dirty socks and this is typical when mold is present within the washer.

If your washer is still under warranty, you should go back to your dealer to get this mold issue resolved. Once the warranty period has expired, you must try to find a quick solution to remove the mold from your washer before your family develops any serious health concerns.

Some consumers have been able to get their washers replaced even after the warranty period, while others have been left to find their own solution. This mold issue with high efficiency washers is not unique to a particular brand or style of washer. Issues have developed with several popular washer brands in high efficiency front load or top load washing machines.

Why High Efficiency Washers Can Develop Mold and How to Prevent it:

Read Caring for Your HE Washer and Preventing Mold for an explanation of why mold can develop in front-load washers and more recently, HE top load washers, for tips on preventing these serious issues. Note that mold can be found in various places within the washer housing and not only in the tub area. The soap/softener dispenser can also have mold on the underside and this component should be cleaned regularly.

How Other Consumers Are Resolving Mold Concerns in HE Washers:

Read Reader Views About Their Front-Load Washer
Review all the Reader Comments that were left on the initial post about front-load washers and mold concerns. There are valuable tips and solutions that can help you prevent or resolve mold issues.

Notable Comment - How One Reader Resolved the Mold Issue:

Learn what Reader Barry C. in Comment number 13, did to resolve the mold in his front-load washer. You may have success by following his maintenance steps.

On-Going High Efficiency Washer Care:

It should be noted that even after resolving your washer mold issues, you must then take precautionary steps to prevent such recurrences. Run the Cleaning Cycle on your high-efficiency washer as recommended in your manual and follow these Tips to Prevent Mold in Front-Load Washers. Even with proper care, mold can still develop in these low water washers, but the risk is somewhat reduced.

Update August 2013

After experiencing mold in my Whirlpool front load washer, I installed a Washer Fan which runs continuously, improving the air flow in the washer, reducing humidity and preventing mold from forming. I believe this is the only permanent fix for washer mold, as a cleaning of interior parts is only a temporary measure and without a Washer Fan, mold will eventually recur.

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