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How to Clear Lint From the Exterior Dryer Vent

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Clearing the Exterior Dryer Vent

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The outside dryer vent is one item that after installing it, we often forget that it even exists. Yet it serves a very important purpose - to exhaust to the outside the hot air from your clothes dryer. Sounds simple enough but have you checked it recently? The small plastic screen tends to fill up with lint that is also exhausted with the hot air. Over time, the lint accumulates on the screen and if not cleared, it blocks the flow of hot air. How quickly this happens depends on several factors including how often you use your dryer so it's a good idea to check it every month and to remove any lint that is on it.

Why is a blocked vent screen a concern? If the hot air vent is blocked, this trapped air will remain in the vent hose and could pose a fire hazard if the exhaust from your dryer becomes too hot. Another reason is that when hot humid air is trapped, it tends to return a foul odor to your dryer and the clothes that are being dried.

Keep the lint screen clear and hot air will vent properly to the outdoors. The little plastic screen is flexible enough to dislodge the tabs that hold it in place, so you can clear the lint and replace it.

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