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GE High Efficiency Top Load Washer GTWS8650DWS, GTWS8655DMC


GE High Efficiency Top Load Washer GTWS8650DWS, GTWS8655DMC

GE High Efficiency 5.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Steam Assist

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Design Attributes:

GE's new washer release (Dec 2012) blends an old, somewhat modified 'tried and true' design with advanced high tech features to give consumers the best of both worlds. The popular top load design that so many love for ease of access has been modified so you can do more, without the tangle hassle of an agitator. It also has some very nice fabric care and energy-saving features. So don't be fooled into thinking that this top loader is traditional - it's anything but.

Fabric Care Features:

With a stain removal guide, Steam Assist and CleanSpeak™ Communication System - stains should be a thing of the past with this full-featured washer. So you can let the kids be kids, because you need not worry so much about stains ruining their clothes.

You can do more with this large 5.0 cu. ft. capacity washer too, so that cuts down on time in the laundry room. The washtub is stainless steel, which I love - no rusting or snags on this smooth interior. And you save a little time too with Smart Dispense - fill the dispenser and the machine uses what it needs. That does eliminate guesswork and the accidental over pouring when in a rush.

A Washer Load of Settings:

This top load washer has a pretty smart-looking dashboard and a load of wash settings, including Speedwash, Delicate, Jeans, Hand wash, Towels/Sheets, Sanitize, Whites, Dark Colors, Normal (light colors), Quick Rinse, Drain/Spin and Bulky (comforters, pillows). No more guesswork as to what cycle to use for your laundry - it's as simple as it gets. There are also some neat settings like Quick Dry for excess water removal, so you'll need less drying time for that load.

Energy Wise Features:

This washing machine is built to save you money in electricity, but also to conserve water. According to the manufacturer, this washer is 60% more water efficient than traditional models. It meets all the standards required to be labelled a high efficiency washer, plus it's Energy Star qualified and it also has an Energy Saving Mode. Just being able to do larger loads saves energy on laundry day and let's not forget that your time is valuable too. It also has delay start - great if you're on TOU Electricity Rates and is CEE Tier III.

Convenience Features:

Ideal for those who love to stick with the familiar, the top load design offers a convenient access to the washload. Then there's an LED basket light so you don't forget that dark sock in there when you remove the load. And a soft close lid is always nice. Probably the most convenient feature of this washing machine, is the way the wash settings are labelled so you can quickly chose the right one every time. And for those who wonder how their laundry is going, there will be an app for that too. According to the manufacturer, a mobile app showing the status of your laundry will be available in 2013.

More About the General Electric GE High Efficiency 5.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer:

This top load washer comes in White (GTWS8650DWS) or Metallic Carbon (GTWS8655DMC) with MSRP's of $1299 and $1399 US. There are companion dryers available, model GTDS8650EDWS - which is an electric dryer, and model GTDS8650GDWS for the gas dryer. The 7.8 cu. ft. dryers with steam are also available in White or Metallic Carbon and include some nice energy-saving settings, as well as the CleanSpeak™ Communication system.

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