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Review of Maytag Performa Dryer Model PDET920

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Review of Maytag Performa Dryer Model PDET920

PDGT920 Maytag Dryer

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The Bottom Line

This Maytag PDET920 Electric Dryer was purchased as a replacement for a worn-out 17 year old model, and the noticeable difference in time required to dry a load of clothes in this new dryer compared with the old model is incredible. The Maytag PDET920 has all the standard Maytag dryer features, with the addition of a convenient drum light, IntelliDry™ drying control and Press Care. A great family laundry appliance at an economical price.
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  • Oversize capacity is great for comforters
  • Dries quickly
  • Position of lint filter
  • Drum light
  • Perma Press Feature


  • Door latch is a little stiff - a little hard to open the door


  • IntelliDry™ drying control - dries to moisture level you set
  • Press Care - extended cool-down prevents wrinkles
  • Lint Filter is positioned inside the door
  • Oversize capacity & Heavy Duty 7.1 cu ft
  • 4 Temperature Settings: Air Fluff, Low, Medium, Regular
  • 6 Cycles: Auto Dry Regular, Auto Dry Permanent Press, Damp Dry, Time Dry, Touch Up, More Dry
  • End of Cycle Signal (can be turned off)
  • Wide Door Opening & Drum Light
  • Porcelain on steel drum
  • High-Capacity blower for fast efficient drying

Guide Review - Review of Maytag Performa Dryer Model PDET920

We had no problems leveling the Maytag Performa Dryer and installing it. The instructions to reverse the door were also very clear. The lint filter is conveniently positioned inside on the bottom of the door opening providing terrific maintenance access.

The dryer has a heavy duty/oversize capacity of 7.1 cu ft which is more than adequate to dry pillows, comforters and queen/king blankets. It has 4 temperature settings and 6 cycles that includes Permanent Press, Timed Dry, Air Fluff, Damp Dry and Touch-up - all the features I was looking for, with easy to set controls. The extra wide door opening and drum light are very helpful when removing clothes.

Drying is fast and efficient, a fraction of the time of our old unit, and clothes seem to have less wrinkles, reducing ironing required. There is an End of Cycle Signal that can be turned off if desired. The door latch is a little stiff making opening the door a little harder, but I expect this will loosen over time. This dryer was well priced, has great features and I am pleased with this product.
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