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What is HE Laundry Detergent & When are High-Efficiency Detergents Used


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Identifying HE Detergents

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Question: What is HE Laundry Detergent & When are High-Efficiency Detergents Used
What is HE detergent and when should I use he detergents in my wash?
Can just any detergent be used in front-load washers instead of he detergents? Washer manufacturers recommend he detergents be used in their front-load and high-efficiency washers, but is he laundry detergent really necessary?
Answer: HE laundry detergent is a specially designed solution for washing clothes in a high efficiency washer. Washer manufacturers recommend that only HE detergents be used in their front-load and high-efficiency washers and most will even recommend a particular brand of HE detergent. High efficiency washers are now available in either front load or top load washers which is usually confirmed by the 'HE' symbol on the washing machine.

There is a good reason for using he detergent that is specially formulated for these newer high efficiency washers. HE laundry detergents are concentrated laundry detergents that are low-sudsing especially for use with low water high-efficiency washers.

If regular detergents were to be used in front-loading and high-efficiency washers, the presence of too many suds could 'confuse' washing cycles, cause delays and make proper rinsing of clothes difficult. Only he detergents should be used in he washers.

Similar to why dish detergent does not work well in a dishwasher which requires specially formulated non-sudsing dishwasher detergent, performance can be severely affected by the use of improper detergents in he detergent low water washing machines.

HE detergents can readily be found where regular laundry soap is sold - look for the 'HE' symbol the next time you shop. There is no difference in price (or shouldn't be) for this particular type of detergent, nor is there any reduction in loads per container. Buying in bulk can reap savings and ensure you have it on hand for all your washings.

I've used both Tide® HE and Ultra Sunlight® HE and found they both clean very well. The Tide® brand has a nice mild fragrance and is safe for septic systems while the Ultra Sunlight® brand sports the HE symbol, Sensitive Skin and Fragrance-Free labels, a real plus for allergy sufferers.

Using proper HE detergent for your high-efficiency low water washer will enable your laundry appliance to perform as it should. If you use non-he detergents in a high efficiency washer, you will have an overwhelming amount of suds, which can confuse your washer cycles.
Controlling Suds When Using Regular Detergent in an HE Washer

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