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Why Does a Washer Vibrate? What Causes Washer Vibration


Why Does a Washer Vibrate? What Causes Washer Vibration


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Question: Why Does a Washer Vibrate? What Causes Washer Vibration
Why Does a Washer Vibrate? What Causes Washer Vibration?
Answer: Three things can cause a washer to vibrate, gyrate, shake and basically rattle and roll or walk from its installed location. Also see Washer Vibrations - Causes and Remedies for more information on what to do with a washer that vibrates.
  • Uneven Load:

    This can happen when you wash a single item such as a large towel or blanket, or several items that tend to group together and merge to one side of the washer during the spin cycle, creating an imbalance that throws the washer into a vibrating mode. Often, the washer will stop on its own but if it does not, you should pause or cancel the cycle, reposition some of the load or add another similar item to help balance the load, and then resume operation.

  • Improper Leveling:

    When the washer was installed, the leveling feet should have been adjusted properly to provide for uneven floor areas. Some washers have self-leveling feet, however on occasion, these also need a slight manual adjustment. Once adjusted, that should remedy the washer vibration problem.

  • Unstable Floor:

    When a washer is installed on a basement cement floor, there is a very stable platform. But a second or third floor installation however, could have insufficient floor bracing, which can cause the washer to bounce or vibrate when on the spin cycle. There are options to remedy this situation such as add more bracing, or use an anti-vibration washer pad.
You should not continue to use a washer that vibrates, but should investigate the probable cause and seek a suitable solution. A vibrating washer could literally 'walk' away from its installed space, causing damage to neighboring cabinets or pulling on its water connections. Shaking could also cause some problems with its electronic components. The problems could be more serious when the vibrating washer is part of a stacking washer/dryer set. Once the washer vibration issue is remedied, you can safely resume operation.

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