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What is Samsung's PowerFoam Technology


What is Samsung's PowerFoam Technology

Samsung WF520 Washer With PowerFoam

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Question: What is Samsung's PowerFoam Technology
What is Samsung's PowerFoam feature, how does it work and do all Samsung washers have this?
Answer: PowerFoam™ is an exclusive Samsung washer feature. Earlier this year, Samsung introduced its 2011 line-up of new Samsung home appliances which included the Samsung Energy Star Washer WF520 with PowerFoam™ technology. Full-featured and family sized, the Samsung WF520 Washer offers a special feature to boost cleaning power - PowerFoam™. And that's a washer feature that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to washing bulky items such as a King comforter, or gentle fabrics that beckon a super but gentle clean short cycle.

The WF520 Washer - compare price, is not the only washer with PowerFoam™, Samsung offers this cleaning power in other high-end washers - the WF431, WF511 and WA5471. This gives consumers a choice of models with PowerFoam based on capacities, as well as design preferences such as front-loading or top-loading (WA5471) washer type. With four models to chose from, you don't have to buy an oversized washer just to get PowerFoam cleaning power, if a smaller capacity washer better meets your needs.

How does PowerFoam work? PowerFoam allows the detergent to mix with water and air which generates a cleaning foam, at the beginning of the wash cycle. That means the detergent dissolves better and can clean more thoroughly. You get a better penetration of cleaning foam right from the start of the wash cycle. This can be most beneficial when it comes to large bulky washloads such as family laundry or oversized bedspreads and comforters. A good washer feature to have? Certainly, foam tends to penetrate fibers better than detergents alone, so this is a feature worth considering if you're in the market for a new washer. See my washer buying tips to better understand washer types, features and care.

For those who prefer top-load convenience in a high-efficiency washer, Samsung offers PowerFoam™ cleaning power on their WA5471 4.7 cu. ft. capacity washer, a model that isn't shy on features either. Besides PowerFoam™, it also boasts 13 cycles, Steam Wash - to sanitize, VRT™ Vibration Reduction and a 24-hour delay start - a must for those on Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity rates.

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Samsung has well positioned itself in the laundry appliance industry, offering a wide variety of energy-efficient washers and accompanying dryers, with various cycles and advanced fabric care features. And Samsung washers have performed extremely well with certain models tested by Consumer Reports in recent tests, being rated as the best in its class of top-load washers and second best in the front-load washer class. It's not unusual to often find Samsung washers on their Best Buy lists.

Samsung appears to cater to the needs of consumers by offering advanced laundry appliance features as well as energy-saving technologies, while keeping appliance prices affordable. Samsung home appliances include refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, laundry appliances, microwaves and vacuums.
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