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Forever Sharp 8-Pc Cutlery Knife Set Review

Home Test of Forever Sharp Knife Set

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Forever Sharp Knives

Forever Sharp Knives

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The Forever Sharp Knives are marketed mostly during in-store demonstrations at large retailers. After recently watching a store demonstration, I was hooked to try these knives at home. It seemed like a good deal at the time, for an 8-piece set. Here's my assessment of the Forever Sharp knives.

Product Description

  • Forever Sharp 8-Pc Knife Set includes:
  • 3 Forever Sharp Knives - long serrated knives with hook end
  • 1 Multi-purpose Filet knife
  • 2 Paring knives
  • Lemon juice extractor
  • All knives have surgical stainless steel blades
  • Sharp and never need sharpening
  • MSRP $38

How the Forever Sharp Knives Performed

August 7, 2009 These knives are extremely sharp and seem to hold their edge reasonably well. The set includes three same-size long serrated knives (called the Forever Sharp Knife) which would be a waste unless you wanted to share with family, which is what I did. Blades are extremely thin and although during the demonstration the Forever Knife easily sliced through frozen foods, this knife is just too thin and flexible for this application. Rather than persisting to where the blade would snap, I gave up trying to slice through frozen or very hard foods.

I found the best use for the Forever Knife is for slicing bread evenly. Though you can slice tomatoes cleanly with it, this knife is rather long for this use. The serrated blade is not good for chopping or carving meat or poultry, so its use is rather limited. The filet knife's thin construction worked very well for deboning, for very thin slices of tomatoes, and for slicing and carving. The filet knife is actually the most versatile knife from this set. Paring knives are also sharp and worked well for small cutting tasks.

The blades of all these knives are extremely sharp. To reduce the risk of injury, knives should be stored in the cardboard sleeves they came in. Other than mild spotting; the blade finish is holding up well. These knives are not dishwasher-safe which is fine, because they're so sharp and thin, it's safer to wash them by hand. Handles are a resin composition, reasonably comfortable and non-slip unless wet.

Overall Impression

I found advertising these knives as a set - a little misleading. Unless you intend to share part of this set with others, why would anyone want three of the same size and type of knife, unless you wanted to keep two for back-up. Although the price of the set seemed reasonable at the time, their use is limited by the thinness of the blades. The Forever Sharp Knife is too thin to safely cut through many hard foods including watermelon or cantaloupe. However, I do love slicing bread with this knife and the Filet knife is handy for slicing tomatoes, cooked meats, boning and many other uses.

As for durability, serrated blades though not impossible to sharpen, are very difficult even for an experienced person. The length and thinness of the blades makes them very flimsy and more susceptible to breakage. They are however, very sharp and are holding their edge.

The bottom line: If you're sharing - it's a good deal, otherwise their use is rather limited.

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