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Saber Knives

Saber Knives High Grade Knife Set

Photo © Saber Knives
Saber Knives are fairly new on the market, but they are already turning heads with their German steel professional-grade quality at an affordable price point for the working chef or home kitchen. I was anxious to test these knives to see for myself how they measure up with other good quality knives.

A close look and a few chops and slices revealed some interesting details about these Saber Knives. Knives tested included: 10" Chef, 7" Santoku, 5" French Boning, 5" Santoku and 3.5" Paring knives, which is a fair representation of what Saber Knives are all about.

Saber Knives - Product Description

    Each Saber Knife is:
  • Heat treated and ice forged from German steel
  • German stainless steel is: X 45 Cr Mo V 15
  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Full-tang blades, bolsters on most knives
  • 38-Step manufacturing process to ensure blade stability, longevity, optimum sharpness for knives to be 'Chef Sharp'
  • Granton edge on most knives
  • Manufactured to resist rust and corrosion
  • Classic shaped 3-rivet handles
  • Full limited warranty
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • See Saber Knives Store for pricing details

Overall Impression of the Knives

Saber Knives 10" Chef Knife

Photo © Mifflin
December 7, 2010
Saber Knives are stamped 'Chef Sharp' which stands more as warning than a logo; you do need to be careful with these knives - they are razor sharp and serious cutting tools. Overall, we found the Saber knives to be exceptional in performance and quality, comfortable and easy to control during all of the slicing, dicing, carving and chopping tasks. The quality German steel and stainless polished blades and bolsters makes these knives look and feel amazing.

Saber knives have some neat features that stand out. Some of the knives have thicker full tang blades than other knife brands and this weight difference makes for better balance and control, without causing hand strain. The shaped handle edges of all knives have been rounded smooth - a nice touch, rarely seen in the best of quality knives. These smooth edges reduce hand fatigue and make the knives more comfortable to hold, especially for a lot of cutting and chopping.

During several days of testing, blades retained their extremely sharp edges; there was no reason to steel or refresh the edges. Knives glided through meats with ease and would 'sing' through tomatoes or onions. Most of the Saber Knives have Granton edges which are slightly different from the regular - Grantons are angled (rather than straight), which provides more coverage and the increased food release is noticeable. I've supplied more detail below on each specific knife that was tested.

**Update March 2013
These knives have been amazing and we have only had to use a knife steel occasionally on them. They hold their sharp edge for a long time. It's truly a joy to use these knives.

Saber Knives 10" Chef Knife Review

This is such an impressive serious carving and slicing knife and the weight is well distributed. You get the same good control with this large knife as with the 5" Santoku. The defined bolster protects your hand. It carves through poultry and slices through meats with ease. The knife just feels very natural in the hand.

Saber Knives 7" & 5" Santoku Knife Reviews

Saber Santoku Knives

Photo © Mifflin
The Saber Santoku knives have a somewhat wider blade than some other models and that depth allows more room for the fingers under the handle. There's no bolster on either Santoku but the extra depth makes for a deeper junction at the knife handle, which keeps fingers and thumb away from the blade.

Both sizes have a rocker blade design that is more emphasized on the 7" knife. That rocker action helps with chopping. The 7" Santoku was used for slicing larger food items while the 5" model became the 'go to' knife for slicing cheese or mincing, dicing and chopping small stuff. If you have never used a Santoku knife, you're missing a lot; it's a most versatile knife design for a variety of cutting tasks.

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