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Chef's Choice ScissorPro® Diamond Hone Sharpener 500 Review

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Chef's Choice ScissorPro® Diamond Hone Sharpener 500 Review

Chef's Choice ScissorPro Diamond Hone Sharpener 500

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We tend to have various kinds of scissors in our home for everything from general utility to crafts, as well as professional dressmaking shears. Scissors do become dull overtime from general wear, but even more quickly if used for cutting paper or items they are not designed to cut. Having your own electric scissor sharpener is convenient, a time-saver and eliminates the need to send scissors out for sharpening. Keep reading to see how our ScissorPro® test went.

Product Despcription

    Chef's Choice® ScissorPro® Diamond Hone Sharpener Model 500
  • 100% Diamond abrasives
  • Advanced 2-step process - coarse and fine
  • Built-in precision angle guides for professional quality edges quickly and easily
  • Double-bevel edge stays sharp longer
  • Use for a wide variety of household scissors including delicate embroidery scissors, knife-edge shears, sewing and craft scissors, poultry shears
  • Safe for quality scissors
  • Can be used for left-handed or right-handed scissors
  • Compact design
  • One year limited warranty
  • UL or ETL and Canadian Approval
  • Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Retails in the $80 - $100 range

How the ScissorPro Performed

December 14, 2012
After testing a couple of electric knife sharpeners from Chef’s Choice, as well as hand devices, I was not surprised to see the same high quality, attention to detail in the product and their instructions.

I bring the subject of instructions up again for this one simple reason: If you don’t follow them to the letter you will have some sort of failure, poor quality results and a lot of wasted time. Where it states that maybe you should practice making a certain stroke or hold the scissors in a specific way, do just that.

Once started, the process is very easy to master, just take your time and keep light pressure on the scissor blade. I brought in a couple of pairs of workshop scissors that were just about ruined by cutting everything from wire to sandpaper to plastic sheeting, and more paper and cardboard for patterns than could be imagined. This would be a true test of the Model 500 electric sharpener.

The first few strokes were quite rough, you could feel the coarse diamond wheel biting and catching on the damaged edges. At the same time the wheel was re-angling the blade. It surprised me when after maybe a dozen strokes, everything smoothed out and a few more caused the burr to form. Onto the polishing wheel and they were done in no time at all.

Dressmaking shears were next. You know the ones, the scissors that are not supposed to be anywhere near paper. A few strokes on the fine grit polishing wheel were all it took to tune them right up. I tested them on heavy upholstery fabric and was able to shear off very thin, no snag slices of material.

Next up was the little old pair of badly abused craft scissors. The pivot rivet was too loose so hubby had to tighten it up before sharpening. It took a while but in the end the results were the same, just like new.

If you had to send your good scissors out for sharpening the cost could be as high as thirty dollars a pair, plus shipping and handling if no service could be found locally. In a lot of cases, that is more than some scissors are worth. The savings with your own sharpener, could be enormous.

There are limitations on the type of scissors the ScissorPro® can handle. It will not sharpen pinking shears, serrated blade or anything over twelve inches. Also included in that list of ‘do not sharpen’ are hair styling, manicure, tin snips or any blade that will not fit readily in the sharpening slot. There is an attachment for knife edge scissor blades and it can only be used in the fine grind guide. This works well.

You will find a warning card in the box that states the scissors are much sharper than they appear, believe it. This little machine does all that it says it will do, easily. The unit is very stable, the suction cups hold it securely on the counter and it’s compact to store.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

The Chef's Choice 500 Electric Scissor Sharpener is well designed to simplify the sharpening process and restore the edge of dull scissors. As any quilter, crafter or sewer can relate, trying to cut fabric with dull scissors is not only frustrating, but it's very difficult to make precise cuts. Sometimes it can also pull fibers and ruin the cloth. Likewise, utility scissors that are too dull to cut butcher twine, can be just as frustrating.

The Model 500 is a good sharpening tool for the crafter, quilter or sewer, as well as for those who want to keep their arsenal of household scissors sharp, with the exception of the 'do not sharpen' scissors noted above and in the manual. As mentioned above, following instructions is key to getting good results with an electric scissor sharpener.

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