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Sunbeam Beverage Can Dispenser Model 415

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Sunbeam Beverage Can Dispenser Model 415

Sunbeam Beverage Can Dispenser

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I had a similar beverage rack for the refrigerator years ago but when soda cans were resized awhile back, my rack became obsolete - unable to handle the new cans. So I was eager to try out Sunbeam's model 415, to once again have that can dispensing convenience in my refrigerator.

Product Despcription

    Sunbeam Can Dispenser Model 415
  • Sturdy white plastic coated wire frame
  • Gravity fed design
  • Use in refrigerator or inside a cabinet
  • Holds 5 cans on each of two racks
  • Additional storage space on top of rack
  • Size: 5-1/2"W x 15-1/2 D x 7-1/2"H
  • Economical at under $10
  • Visit Sunbeam

How the Sunbeam Dispenser Performed

October 24, 2011
This can racking system is designed to be used either on a shelf, inside a cabinet or in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is where I need it the most, so that's where I chose to test it and it fits there perfectly. But it will easily fit inside a cupboard too. Just make sure you measure before purchasing. The dispenser holds two flavors of drinks in the slanted racks. You can chose to rack a mix of soda flavors, but it's inconvenient to have to remove cans to get at the fourth and preferred drink. The idea is to be able to quickly retrieve a can conveniently, while (maybe) saving a little space.

Unless you can adequately use the top for another two (standing) rows of beverages or other things, the rack itself takes about the same shelf space as two side-by-side rows of cans. If you cannot make use of the top shelf, you lose the storage benefit. This rack holds 5 cans on each shelf. In the refrigerator, it must sit on a tall shelf to be able to use the top rack of this unit. That means rearranging the refrigerator shelving or locating it in a cabinet with sufficient depth as well as height. In my refrigerator, it allows a small space for low items on the top of the dispenser.

Here's the downside to this particular can dispenser. If you simply pull out one can quickly, the momentum sends the following can hurtling out of the refrigerator and to the floor, unless you're very quick to catch it. If you take a can gently, albeit watching that the next one stays secure as it is gravity fed to be next in line, everything is fine. I see this as a major flaw in the design of this rack. My previous old rack held the other cans in check when one was removed.

Overall Impresion

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this particular brand of can dispenser because it causes more frustration than convenience. If you're planning on buying a beverage can dispenser, they can be very convenient but it has to work well. There are a few brands out there and you can find these types of racks in many retail outlets. Make sure to measure your refrigerator area or the cabinet space if you want to place one there and keep your receipt in case the design is flawed, or it doesn't work as you intended and needs to be returned.

If you have no intentions of adjusting refrigerator shelving so you can make use of the top rack of this (or other dispenser like it), you will not be gaining any space with such as rack, only the dispensing feature - as long as that works well. The Sunbeam model is small compared to the various sizes on the market. That was more appropriate for my counter-depth refrigerator. So make sure to get the size that fits your space and needs well.

I've used a lot of Sunbeam products over the years and have been happy with this brand, but I'm very disappointed in this beverage can dispenser. It needs to go back to the drawing board for some, probably minor adjustment to keep the next can from popping out accidentally, when the first one is removed.

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