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Mastrad Orka Silicone Rice and Grain Cooker Review

Home Test of Orka Silicone Rice and Grain Cooker

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Mastrad Orka Silicone Rice and Grain Cooker Review

Mastrad Orka Silicone Rice and Grain Cooker

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When it comes to long grain rice and wholesome grains, cooking time can be drastically reduced by steaming/cooking in the microwave. Mastrad's Orka Rice and Grain Cooker is designed to cut down on cooking time with a microwavable silicone covered steaming bowl.

Product Despcription

    Orka Rice and Grain Cooker made by Mastrad includes bowl, tray and cover
  • For microwave steam cooking
  • Ideal for rice,wheat, bulgur, quinoa, lentils, etc
  • Cooks rice in 8-10 minutes
  • 100% Silicone; heat resistant to 430degF
  • Capacity: 35 fl. oz; 2-4 servings
  • Convex bottom optimizes steam circulation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Available in black or green
  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

How the Orka Rice and Grain Cooker Performed

June 13, 2012
I like the concept of this rice and grain cooker and the capacity is ideal for one to four servings. It also seems very versatile as a microwave steamer or covered dish to warm up leftovers. The removable tray does allow you to rinse rice or grains without dirtying another piece of kitchenware, but the odd grain did escape, though holes seem very small. The tray is also ideal for keeping veggies in the steaming zone, should you have too much water in the bottom. And I like the convex bottom that helps with the steaming process.

This microwave cooker worked well for rice and grains, though I did have to add 1-2 minutes cooking time because I have a slower microwave. This is not a problem and I expect to need some adjustments with different rices and grains. Suggested water amounts did work well. Rice mostly came out light and fluffy, not sticky like sometimes happens when cooked on the stove.

Though I like the overall design and function of this cooker, there is one thing that I do not like. Especially with long cooking times, the heat generated inside the cooker makes the dish extremely floppy and when you hold the side edges to remove it from the microwave, the lid tends to move allowing very hot steam to escape. I would love to see this cooker more rigid, to make it easier to grab when very hot. I'd recommend placing the cooker on a plate for stability, when putting it in the microwave for easier removal when done.

This rice and grain cooker also works very well as a vegetable steamer, with microwave-to-table convenience. You can also use it for other microwave cooking. After removing the steamer from the microwave, left covered, veggies (and rice) kept warm for several minutes till the rest of the meal was served. You can also place a towel over the hot covered cooker to keep it warm while getting the rest of the meal ready, as recommended by the manufacturer. That also helps rice to absorb more water if necessary.

Overall Impression

The Silicone Rice and Grain cooker is easy to use, has a handy tray insert and cleans up quickly. The cooker is actually quicker to handwash than a small pot, since nothing sticks to it. You can wash it in the dishwasher.

It's ideal for those who love to cook rice in ten minutes or less, at home or at the office. Rice and other whole grains can be cooked in much less time in the microwave with this cooker, than cooking the traditional way on the stove. Whole grain cooking times vary; refer to the product manual for estimated steaming times.

The cooker also works extremely well for steaming vegetables and I actually prefer it for that function simply because of the lack of rigidity, which is less of a problem with shorter cooking times. Storage is easy since the lid can be inverted and it is extremely lightweight, making it an ideal microwave cooker for the RV.

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