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Top Easy Openers - Best Openers To Open Jars, Bottles, Medicine


These are the best products that make opening jars, bottles, cans, and medicine containers easy. If you have arthritis or problem hands, or you occasionally need just a little help with everyday tasks, these easy openers can really come to your aid.

1. Grip - Shelf Liner Rolls

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This is certainly my favorite type of low priced, all purpose grip material that can easily be cut to any size square or circle, to assist in opening jars and bottles, or just to easily grip range timer controls. These can readily be found at most department stores and cut to desired size. There are many other uses for these liners, such as for shelves in recreational vehicle cupboards to keep items stable, or to lay flat on your box spring to keep the mattress from sliding.

2. MagicOpener for bottles and cans

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MagicOpener is designed for making opening different sizes of plastic bottles, water bottles, soda cans and traditional glass bottles much easier.

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3. Black & Decker Gizmo Cordless EM200C Can Opener

This Black & Decker Gizmo Can Opener is cordless and comes with a rechargeable base that should be mounted. Simple operation, the Gizmo runs along the can and opens it - virtually hands free operation.
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4. Oxo Good Grips Opener

An Oxo Good Grips product, this bottle and can opener is easy to use, with a soft comfortable non-slip grip, and the pointed end would also assist to remove the pull tabs on soda cans.
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5. Starfrit 93112 Mightican Manual Can Opener

The Starfrit Can Opener is easier on the hands to use than many comfortable models I've tried. It's also economical to buy and has a three year warranty. However, more care is needed handling the opened tin, because the side cutting process leaves sharp edges on the can, not on the lid. But if being easy on the hands is important to you, this is a good choice.

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6. PurrFect Opener - To Open Medicine Containers & More

This PurrFect Opener is an opener for medication containers, tab puller, soda can opener, and it has a magnet so it can be conveniently stored right on the refrigerator. This handy little gadget can even be used as a pill splitter and foil piercer - a handy opener at under $10. This vendor has many other products to assist with daily living.
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7. Norpro Grip-EZ 4 in 1 Opener

This small Norpro Opener is specifically designed with an easy to grip handle, for opening bottles, soda can tabs, and safety caps on medication containers.

8. OpenX Multi Purpose Opener

This versatile OpenX tool by Ranchmark is very comfortable to grip and can safely slice through the hard clamshell plastic packaging of new consumer goods, box cartons as well as be used to open CD's, food bags and other items.

9. Un-Skru Jar Opener - Arthritis Product

This handy jar opener is designed to be mounted under cabinets or fixtures, and operation is simple - just slide jar in and turn.
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10. Oxo Good Grips i-Series Jar Openers

This Good Grips i-Series opener is designed for opening all sizes of jars. It comes with a small detachable non-slip pad that the jar sits on for stability, and once the opener is applied to the lid, you just unscrew and pull up on the lid.
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