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Watch these videos for information on how to sharpen knives,

3. How to Clean Antique Silverware - Video

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Silverware requires a certain amount of care to keep it looking nice and gleaming> If it has any fingerprints or dark tarnish areas, it should be properly cleaned before setting a formal table. Learn how to care for antique silverware.
How to Find Replacements or Completer Pieces for Antique or Prized China, Silverware, Glassware
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4. Fancy Napkin Folding Video

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Add elegance to your dinner table with a professional looking folded napkin.
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5. Three Elegant Napkin Folds - Video

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Folding a napkin properly is all about approach. Learn how to make a napkin elegant, yet functional and easy to handle.
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6. How to Install a Child Proof Lock on Cabinets Video

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When it comes to cleaners and other kitchen items that could possibly harm a child, you need to take precautions and keep the children out of harm's way. Learn how to quickly install a child lock on your kitchen cabinets.
See Another Video on Child-Proofing Your Home
Read About Safe-Lok Cabinet Locks
More About Home Safety

7. How to Disinfect a Cutting Board Video & Articles

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Bacteria and germs are the last thing you want in your food. Learn how to properly clean and disinfect your cutting boards. When having a formal dinner, ensure that your cutting board is clean and shows minor wear.
Compare Prices of Cutting Boards
Cutting Board Basics
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8. How to Use a Knife Steel -Video and Articles

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A knife steel is an essential cutlery tool. Kitchen knives require the occasional use of a knife steel to keep them in good condition. Many knife block sets include a knife steel, but one can also be purchased separately. Learn how to use a knife steel properly and safely.
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What's a Knife Steel?
Simple, Easy Sharpening With a Knife Steel
Splurge or Save on Cutlery Knives
Kitchen Knife Buying Tips
Your First Kitchen Knives
Ceramic vs Steel Kitchen Knives - Understanding the Differences
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9. Knife Safety & Sharpening Video and Articles

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Before setting out to carve meat or your holiday turkey, give your steel kitchen knives a sharpening. Sometimes a simple knife steel can hone the edge, but with use a knife often needs more sharpening with a manual or electric sharpener. Knives need to be sharpened when required to maintain a sharp edge which makes slicing, dicing and cutting much easier.

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Compare Prices of Knife Sharpeners
Safe Knife Storage
Best Type of Knife for Bread
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