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Turntables & Lazy Susans - Convenient Table Accents


Turntables & Lazy Susans - Convenient Table Accents

14" Ready to Spin

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Reaching across the table for the salt and pepper can be a real drag, especially for the little ones. But a revolving table tray to hold the main table condiments can provide convenient access for everyone.

Turntables, single-tiered lazy susans or table trays - they are called many names - all serve the same purpose - bringing food items to within your reach. They've gained some popularity of late, as an accent to patio umbrella tables, but why have this convenience only seasonally, they should be enjoyed year-round. They are available in sizes from 12" to 16", in wood, plastic, slate, or marble.

The loaded turntable in the image is a 14" wooden lazy susan, and this size is sufficient to hold several items, but if your table is large, the 16" size would allow more room for salad dressings and condiments. These are generally found in department and kitchen stores and vary quite a bit in price, from the $20 range and up. But their convenience certainly outweighs the cost.

Not only for the dinner table, they can serve other purposes as well, such as in cupboards for easy retrieval of spices, or for games night, to hold main game pieces in the center of the table. The revolving feature is also terrific when decorating a cake.

Put a spin on your table tonight and replace "pass the salt" with quality table talk.

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