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How to Store Spices and Herbs to Maintain a Fresh Supply




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The last thing anyone wants when they are cooking or baking, is to run out of an important ingredient and this often happens when it comes to spices and herbs. You can avoid this recipe headache by reviewing your spice inventory often, refilling when low and maintaining a little back-up stock of your favorite spices or herbs.

Saving Money Buying Bulk Spices and Herbs:

If you are just starting a spice collection and do not have a spice rack, buying spices sold in jars is your best option. However, buying replacement jars can become quite costly, especially if you have to replenish your favorite spices often. You can save money by keeping those store jars and refilling them, or replenishing your own spice rack containers.

While buying spices only as you need them might ensure a fresher supply, you cannot always know how fresh dried spices actually are and purchasing small bulk quantities can actually save you money in the long run. Although there are usually better savings when buying in bulk, I wouldn't recommend storing too large a supply. A good supply would be enough to refill your jars once or twice.

Storing Your Extra Spices and Herbs:

Spices and herbs are best when fresh so a good storage method is critical to keeping your supply in good condition. After you've refilled your spice jars, the best way to store your extra stock is with a food sealer which will remove the air from the bag. If one is not available, use a container or freezer bag with a good seal. You should use heavier bags or even double-bag and try to remove the air as you seal it. Keep your additional stock of spices and herbs in the freezer and while it is possible to keep spices for months, I would recommend you only store a supply that you can use in a shorter time, as even spices can lose their freshness if frozen too long.

Growing Your Own Spices and Herbs:

Have you ever considered growing your own spices or maintaining a herb garden? You can save further and ensure a very fresh supply of spices and herbs. Learn about growing your own herbs from About's Guide to Herb Gardens

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