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Safe & Convenient Kitchen Knife Storage

Keeping Knives Stored Safely Can Prevent Injuries


Wusthof Knife Storage Block

Wusthof Knife Storage Block

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Are sharp knives creating a hazard in your kitchen drawer? Afraid to reach in there, or let anyone else near it? Consider a safe alternative to storing sharp culinary knives.

Gone are the days of 3 knives, one each for paring, carving and bread slicing. These days, we have knives for filleting fish, plus several different size blades for carving and chopping. One solution is to keep them each in their own sheath, or place them in a secure container. This is the safest, but unfortunately, not the most convenient for the busy chef. So here's the alternative.

Knife blocks used to be available only with knife sets, but now they can be purchased alone, and they're available in all shapes and sizes. Some will even hold 20 plus knives, along with a knife steel and kitchen scissors. There are wooden, plastic or glass models, and even under-cabinet units. Some feature a place for scissors, and others, built in sharpening or a place for a set of steak knives.

Clear the hazard in the drawer and get these knives safely organized. Safe knife storage can prevent a serious injury.

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