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Bring on the Fruit Bowl!


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Fresh fruit - the healthy and tasty anytime-snack for the whole family. I often find it difficult to encourage my family to snack on fruit instead of packaged not-as-nutritious alternatives, but a fresh bowl of fruit on the counter can certainly entice them to make better eating choices. But keeping the bowl and contents healthy is another matter. Here are some tips for maintaining a clean and delectable bowl of fresh snacks.
  • There are many beautiful bowls on the market and a fruit bowl can become a great centerpiece on your counter or table.
  • Any fruit bowl can be a vessel for fresh fruit, but the styles that permit better air circulation can keep fruit in best condition longer.
  • Place your fruit bowl in a visible easy-to-reach location. Don't hide it on a cluttered part of the counter.
  • Wash the fruit bowl at least once a week to reduce the presence of fruit flies and lower the risk of bacteria and molds. More often may be necessary for bowls that do not allow good ventilation.
  • Monitor the fruit daily. Some fruit varieties decay more quickly than others. Replace decaying fruit to keep the bowl content fresh.
  • Refrigerate your fruit bowl at night. Why leave fresh fruit out in room temperature when everyone is sleeping? Keeping the fruit cool overnight will extend shelf life.
  • In warm climates where kitchens are considerably above comfortable temperatures, you may have to keep the bowl refrigerated for long daily periods.
  • An assortment of small cracker packages mixed in with the fruit can also be a welcome treat.
  • Washing fruit before placing in a bowl can often start the decaying process. Remove fruit labels and stickers and train your family to always wash fruit before eating.

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