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Open Sesame 3 in 1 Magnetic Beverage Opener

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Open Sesame 3 in 1 Magnetic Beverage Opener

Open Sesame™ 3 in 1 Opener

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The Bottom Line

The Open Sesame™ 3 in 1 Multi Beverage Opener is nicely sized and designed to provide easy-on-the-hands opening of water and soda bottles. It also works extremely well for lifting tabs on tin beverage cans. An easy-to-use multi beverage opener for all age groups and especially for those with problem hands.


  • Easy on the hands to grasp and use
  • Terrific for lift tabs and opening water and soda bottles
  • Magnetic - handy to store on the refrigerator
  • Great for tightly re-closing bottles


  • None. Magnet marking problem has been corrected


  • 3 in 1 Multi beverage opener
  • Easily lifts tabs on tin cans, opens water or soda bottles and traditional glass beverage bottles
  • Provides easy grip to tightly re-close bottles
  • Ergonomically designed for opening ease
  • Magnetic - keep it handy on the refrigerator
  • Size 5.5"H 1.75"W and 1"D
  • Packaged in an attractive blister pack, and available in yellow or dark brown
  • Easy for all age groups to use
  • Open Sesame webside for more images, details and video
  • These openers can be ordered as promotional items.

Guide Review - Open Sesame 3 in 1 Magnetic Beverage Opener

Samples of the Open Sesame were distributed to various age groups, including seniors, some of which have arthritic hands and find lifting tabs and opening bottles very difficult.

The concensus was very positive - they found that the size and grasp of Open Sesame makes opening beverage bottles and lifting tabs so much easier, for all ages. The opener grips the plastic screw-on tops so well, and the shape allows you to tightly re-close opened soda and water bottles with ease.

It's well made, durable and comes in yellow or dark brown with three openers. Since it's a magnet, being able to keep it handy on the refrigerator was a real hit. It does however on white appliances, leave a small dark smear, which is easily wiped off and for most, this was not a concern. Using it to hold a note would be one way around this, or storing it in a drawer or on a darker appliance. This in no way affects performance as an opener, but it did affect my rating slightly.

I would definitely recommend this easy opener for anyone who wants a handy multi beverage opener, but especially for those with arthritis or problem hands. It's a great stocking stuffer, corporate or kitchen gadget gift idea.
Update: The manufacturer is currently working towards resolving the magnet concern of the Open Sesame and I hope to report soon that this problem is rectified.
Update: Higher quality magnets are now used in making Open Sesame and they no longer leave marks. I have therefore upgraded the rating.

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