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Expandable Bread Keeper with Slicing Guide Review

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Expandable Bread Keeper with Slicing Guide Review

Expandable Bread Keeper

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The Bottom Line

Terrific sizing and so convenient for large homemade bread loaves. No more struggling with plastic wrap. And the expandable feature reduces required storage space to what is adequate for the contents. I especially love the high rounded top for those 'high risers'. This Bread Keeper can also be used to store other baked goods. If you make homemade bread, this is definitely a 'keeper'!
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  • Expandable and perfect sizing for a large homemade loaf
  • Clear durable acrylic - easy to clean
  • Slicing guide is handy
  • Terrific storage for homemade bread
  • Ideal to transport bread to a dinner function


  • None


  • Clear acrylic expandable 2-pc Bread Keeper
  • Removable slicing guide; vents for circulation
  • Keeper expands to 11", and is 6.25" high and wide, and 6.25" long when closed
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water, but it is top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Visit the manufacturer's site
  • Compare prices of bread storage

Guide Review - Expandable Bread Keeper with Slicing Guide Review

I enjoyed trying out this Progressive Expandable Bread Keeper with Slicing Guide. I've found it difficult in the past to try and wrap freshly-baked bread with plastic film or to find a plastic bag of suitable size. Re-wrapping after serving was also difficult.

This Progressive Expandable Bread Keeper will expand to hold up to an 11" loaf which is a regular bread pan size. My loaves tend to rise very high or overflow while baking and this keeper can handle it. It also has air vents to provide good air circulation during storage.

The slicing guide is removable from the keeper and comes apart in three sections for cleaning or storing. It does work well for slicing bread evenly, but ensure that your serrated knife has a long blade. I tend to prefer 'au naturel' slicing most days, but the guide is nice for those special occasions when you want to serve perfect slices.

This Bread Keeper is a wonderful, convenient storage solution for fresh bread or buns and definitely worth the purchase.
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