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Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares Review

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Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares Review

Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares

Photo © Architec Housewares
I wasn't too sure whether to take the Recipe Rock seriously when I first saw an image, but looks can be very deceiving. And this little Recipe Rock isn't just for cooks or bakers - I found plenty of uses for it.

Product Description

    Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares
  • 2" in size
  • Sturdy plastics with magnetic insert and metal ball
  • Available in various colors
  • Holds at least 8 recipe sheets or several note cardstock
  • Easy to store and use
  • Retails around $9
  • You can find the Recipe Rock at several retailers including: BroadwayPanhandler.com, Amazon.com, FreshFinds.com, TheKitchenStore.com and more.

How the Recipe Rock Performed

Recipe Rock

Photo © Mifflin
October 5, 2011
The Recipe Rock's size is very deceiving; it looks much larger in the image, so I've also provided a photo that shows it alongside an apple, for a better indication of just how small and unassuming this little gadget is. It's made of sturdy poly materials with a powerful embedded magnet and a metal ball. Simple but cute and practical.

It works great for holding recipe cards - at least 5 cardstock and maybe a few more if lightweight stock - so you can gather your favorite recipes and keep them handy when planning a baking/cooking day. It also holds 8 pages of printed recipes. It has enough weight to hold and keep recipes steady, at a good viewing angle and out of the splatter and counter mess.

While it was designed for use in the kitchen to hold recipes, it has so much more function. I used it to hold the press release while writing this review, so it can hold your notes. It also can hold shop patterns, art painting guides or pictures, as well as assembly instructions for your DIY projects. For the musician, the Recipe Rock can hold a sheet of music or lyrics, so you can practice away at the table or coffee table, without the need for a large music stand.

With such a small size, it hardly takes any of your workspace, but is a big help. And if you want to display a photo of your favorite person at your desk, it can do that too. Knitters, crocheters or crafters can use it to hold up their pattern. It is a handy gadget for the home chef or baker, but for others as well.

Overall Impresion

Recipe Rock is so versatile, it just might become your new pet rock. It works great for recipes and how many pages it can hold depends on the page stock weight, at least 8 pages or notes of 20-lb stock. But don't confine it to the kitchen, it can do so much more. It definitely has size and function on its side; you can store it in a drawer, on a shelf or window sill - anywhere handy. Call it a Recipe Rock, a memo, picture or page holder, it knows no bounds. An ideal stocking stuffer, gift for self, gift basket item or hostess gift. And as for price? It's a steal of a rock!

About the Company and Related Resources

Recipe Rock

Photo © Mifflin
Architec Housewares is a division of Plastec Industries, an innovative company with lawn and garden roots that expanded its creativity to the kitchen - obviously a good fit.

Though a fairly new company (established in 2000), Architec quickly gained recognition for its popular - The Gripper - a revolutionary soft cutting board. The company has an interesting line of kitchen gadgets and tools, and strives to incorporate green elements in the development of their products. You can find the Recipe Rock and other Architec Housewares products at online retailers: Compare prices.

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