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What's the Difference Between a Food Saver & Food Sealer?


Question: What's the Difference Between a Food Saver & Food Sealer?
What's the difference between a food saver and food sealer and what is a food sealer used for?
Answer: Food savers and food sealers are both used to store food, savers for short-term and sealers hopefully for a longer period. Here's the difference between the two.

Food savers are any containers that are used to store food and that have a closure or cover to preserve the life of the food contents. This could be plastic zipped bags, freezer bags, plastic covered containers, canisters, cereal keepers, storage tins like cookie tins or glass jars. Food savers are generally very economical and some have no cost, such as recycled plastic margarine containers.

Food sealers are sometimes called food savers with a vacuum seal. They are small appliances that are used to remove the air from the storage bag or package after the food is inserted, providing an airtight vacuum seal. Removing the air from within, and preventing air from getting into the bag or container will increase shelf life, especially in the freezer where the air would cause the food to become freezer burned.

Food sealers vary in price and design, and sometimes operate with a roll of plastic storage bags or specially-designed containers, which can easily be filled and vacuum-sealed. These are very handy appliances especially when a large amount of food or wild game must be prepared for the freezer.

Glass canning jars are also referred to as sealers since the canning process provides for a vacuum seal which helps with the food preservation of the jar's contents.

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