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Candle Safety Tips and Safety Candle Holders

Practice Candle Safety Tips and Keep Your Home Safe


Candle Safety Tips and Safety Candle Holders


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Candle safety tips and safety candle holders should be foremost when using candles. Once considered emergency items in case of power outages (and they still are), candles have emerged from the drawer, to take center spot in the front room. And they've done it in style - candles have become the most affordable way to add atmosphere to a room, while enhancing the home's decor.

There's an abundance of candle variety and sizes on the market, those that can fill a room with pleasant fragrances or candles that simply add grace and style to the dining table. From small tea lights to keep a fondue warm, to tall tapers for the table or floating candles for the tub - there are candles for every type of use and holder.
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When it comes to emergencies, flashlights are recommended because of their safer nature, but most homes have only a limited supply of flashlights and batteries so it is wise to have at least a couple of candles for emergency use in the family's disaster kit. In very cold climates, candles should be in the vehicle's safety gear. Whether candles are designated for emergencies or merely for enjoyment, most homes have a number of them.

While selecting candles is not a problem - most love to look at various styles, one thing that is often overlooked with candle use, is the condition of the candle base so safety candle holders will be used for the candles. And there's no guarantee that a holder or lantern that comes with a candle, is safe to use; some are merely considered ornamental. You might take every precaution to use your candles wisely, but the holders also play an important role in candle safety.
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For those who love candles but feel safer not having them, there are alternatives to burning standard candles, that offer the look and ambiance without the worry. Flameless candles have become very popular and though maybe not as charming, they're the next best thing.
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Other flameless products that are gaining popularity are candle warmers. Very decorative and designed to warm up the scented candle to release its fragrance without a flame, this is an alternative many are considering.
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When it comes to candle use, being careless can have dire consequences. In fact, many homes are destroyed and lives put at risk each year, due to fires started with unsafe candle use. So consider carefully the stability of the candles you are using, the safety of their holders and follow my candle use safety tips to keep your family and home safe.

Candle Safety Tips:

  • Never, ever leave a candle unattended - even just to leave the room for a moment.
  • Ensure candles are safely secured in their holders. Tall tapers can be difficult to stabilize; chose instead, shorter and wider candles that sit securely in the holders.
  • Candle holder materials should not be flammable; do not use wood, cardboard or paper plates. Chose instead safety candle holders such as heavy glass, ceramic, tin or metal.
  • Protect the table or counter surface from heat underneath the candle.
  • Avoid placing a lit candle close to any flammable material such as curtains or drapes, which could come into contact with the flame, should a breeze be present.
  • Never place a lit candle on a shelf in the middle of bookcase. Heat from the flame can burn into overhead shelving.
  • Use extreme care when young children are present.
  • Carefully monitor and restrict pet access to the area; a wagging tail could upset a lit candle on a low table.
  • Always monitor the base area when a candle has burned down.
  • When using candles outdoors, the base or holder should be much sturdier so as not to be blown over by the wind. A closed candle holder is preferred.
  • Avoid using scented candles if anyone in the home or visiting has asthma or is allergic to scents. Choose instead unscented candles (not always totally scent-free). The best is 100% pure beeswax unscented candles which are available in many outlets.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are in good operating condition.
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