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Resources, reviews and product ideas for kitchenware, gadgets, servingware, knives, cutlery, bakeware, tools and accessories. We sure couldn't run our kitchens without these.
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  4. Food Storage
  5. Gadgets & Tools (88)
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Presto My Jo Single Cup Coffee Maker Review
Presto My Jo Single Cup Coffee Maker Review; review of My Jo - the non-electric k-cup single serve coffee maker

Springform Baking Pan - Use and Care Tips
How to Use a Springform Pan; tips on buying and using a springform baking pan

Contigo Shake & Go Tumbler, Contigo Leakproof Travel Mug Reviews
Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler, Contigo Stainless Leakproof Travel Mug reviews

Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats and Making the Right Choice
Making Anti-Fatigue Mat Buying Decisions, understanding the types of anti-fatigue mats available, which anti-fatigue mat is best for you, anti-fatigue mats and making the right choice

Colander - Definition and Common Uses
Colander - Definition and Common Uses; what's a colander and what it is used for?

Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets
Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets; the best collapsible housewares and kitchen gadgets; find collapsible products that meet your needs and storage space

Dorm Room Essentials - Outfit the Dorm for Comfort & Study
Dorm room essentials - Outfit the Dorm for Comfort & Study; what they need for the dorm room, the comforts of home dorm room essentials, dorm room must-haves

Chef's Choice 710 Diamond Hone Marine Sharpening Station Review
Chef's Choice 710 Diamond Hone Marine Sharpening Station Review; review of Chef's Choice 710 Electric Knife Sharpener

Must-Have Items for the Comic Book Lover or Geek
Must-haves for the comic book lover or geek; useful things the comic book fan would love to have; essentials for the comic book nut

SmartCells Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat Review
SmartCells Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat Review; review of SmartCells carpeted anti-fatigue mat in tan pattern

Snow River Grand Epicure Wood Pro Cutting Surfaces, Grip Well Boards Reviews
Review of Snow River Cutting Boards - Wood Pro Cutting Surface Review, Grip Well Cutting Board Review

Baking Stone or Pizza Stone - find out what they are used for
Baking Stone or Pizza Stone - find out what they are used for

Architec Ribbit Flex Cutting Board Review
Architec Ribbit Flex Cutting Board Review; review of Architec Flex Cutting Board

Mastrad Napkin Dispenser Review
Mastrad Napkin Dispenser review; review of Mastrad Napkin dispenser

UpShelf - Detachable Umbrella Pole Shelf Review
UpShelf Umbrella Pole Shelf Review; Upshelf - the detachable umbrella shelf

Simplehuman Slim Stainless Canister Set Review
Simplehuman Slim Canister Set Review; Simplehuman Canister Set with stainless finish

Kitchen Videos for Kitchenware, Cutlery & How to Set a Table
Learn more about the kitchen by watching About.com videos on kitchenware, cutlery, knives, baking tools and tabletop including how to the set a table

GelPro and GelPro Plush Comfort Mats Reviews
GelPro Chef's Mat Comfort mat review; GelPro Plush Comfort mat review; GelPro antifatigue mat reviews

Norpro Deluxe Triple Screen Sifter 3-Cup Model 135 Review
Review of Norpro Triple Screen Sifter 3-Cup Deluxe model with stainless construction

Simplehuman Sensor Pump Review
Simplehuman Sensor Pump Review; Simplehuman sensor soap pump review

SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat Review
Review of SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat

Dexter-Russell 5" Pie Knife Review
Review of Dexter Russell 5" Pie knife and server

Best Kitchen and Creative Gifts for Kids
Fun kitchen gifts for kids; Christmas 2011 gifts for kids; best kitchen gifts for kids; best kids gifts for creative fun

Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares Review
The Recipe Rock - it's small, cute, functional and ideal for holding more than recipes

Norpro Double Burger Press 503 Review
Review of Norpro Double Burger Press

Tableboards by Spinella
Tableboards by Spinella are quite unique and a functional accent for your dining table

BeaterBlade MixerMate Bowl Review
Review of BeaterBlade Mixer Mate Bowl designed specifically for hand mixers

Seattle Sports H2Duo 2-Part Stainless Bottle Review
Review of Seattle Sports H2Duo 2-Part Stainless Steel Bottle that comes apart for easy cleaning

Koolatron Fun Kool P25 12-volt 26-Qts Cooler Review
Koolatron P25 12-volt Thermoelectric Cooler Review

LinenMe Natural Linen for the Kitchen - Reviews
Learn more about LinenMe's natural linen table runner and linen/cotton blend tea towels in my review.

Pastry Tools and Baking Utensils
You need only a few baking utensils to make pastry, bake a cake, bread or muffins, so the initial outlay is low, but benefits are much higher. Baking not only warms the kitchen but also the heart. It's a known fact that if you are staging your home to sell it, just throw a cinnamon-laced dish in the oven when a possible buyer is coming to see the place. The spicy aroma is sure to win them over, …

Cooking Utensils List That Every Kitchen Needs
To operate a kitchen efficiently, we need basic cooking utensils and that includes chef's tools and serving spoons, to not only prepare the meal, but also to serve it. And that's where a cooking utensils list comes in handy - so our kitchen can be ready and functional. This cooking utensils list covers the essential tools that every kitchen...

Basic Housewares
The basics you need to start a kitchen. Basic housewares that you need for your home.

Candle Warmers Offer a Safe Candle Alternative
Candle Warmers offer a safe candle alternative; get the ambiance of a candle without the flame and fire risk

Candle Safety Tips and Safety Candle Holders
Candle safety tips and Safety candle holders; how to burn candles safely; candle use safety tips

Stainless Steel Bowls
Stainless steel bowls offer lightweight handling and durability

Cutting Board Basics - How to Choose & Use a Cutting Board
Cutting board comparisons, information and advice on how to choose and use a cutting board in the kitchen.

Sachi Vino 35-042 Large Insulated Wine Tote
Sachi Vino Insulated Wine Tote review; review of Sachi Vino 35-042 Large Insulated Wine Tote

Spice 'n Store Pantry Organizer
The Spice 'n Store Pantry Organizer - organize more and keep your home tidy

Sachi Designer Insulated Lunch Bag Review
Sachi Designer Insulated Lunch Bag review; review of Sachi insulated lunch bags

Use Your Fondue Set Safely
Using your fondue set safely

Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper Review
Review of the Whirley-Pop stovetop Popcorn Maker

McDonald's Shrek Recall - McDonald's Shrek Forever After Glas…
Learn more about McDonald's Shrek glassware recall; details about Shrek glass recall, McDonald's recall

Splatter Screens Save Clean-Up Time
Splatter Screens Save Clean-Up Time; contain the cooking mess with a splatter screen

A Labeler is an Essential Kitchen Tool
Find lots of great uses for a labeler in the kitchen and home

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets & Tools
Favorite Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

Replenishing and Storing Herbs & Spices
You can store your bulk herbs and spices to maintain their freshness, but storing too large a quantity may not be a good idea. How to store herbs and spices.

How to Find Replacement Oil Lamp Globes
Oil lamps are great for decor or during power outages, but when the globe breaks, you can find a replacement globe at some of these places.

A Good Cookbook is a Must for Learning Cooking and Baking Basics
A good cookbook is a kitchen essential for learning the basics of cooking and baking. Learn to cook with a basic cookbook.

Bread Storage Options
A look at bread storage options. Keeping bread in a mostly airtight keeper will help to keep it fresh longer.

Food Thermometer - Why Use One and Recommended Food Safety Guidelines
Find out why you should use a food thermometer and at what temperature to cook foods safely, from the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection

Turkey Tools You'll Need to Cook Your Holiday Turkey
What you need to cook your turkey

Oxo Candela Demi-Glow Candles - Set of 4
Oxo Candela candles are flameless and safe to use around children or pets. Safe candles from Oxo.

Party Appliances & Supplies
Planning a get-together or party? These appliances, accessories and supplies will help you to make it a memorable and fun event.

Cooking Equipment at About
For ideas and tips on Kitchen & Tableware, visit About's Cooking Equipment

Make a Cool Treat in a Napoli Sundae Dish by Pfaltzgraff
Napoli Sundae Dish by Pfaltzgraff is colorful and fun for serving cool summer treats.

Campbell Soup & Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive
Campbell Soup handy thermal containers and ready-to-go soups are perfect for making lunches for your family. Campbell Soup Company has joined forces with letter carriers to Stamp Out Hunger across the nation.

Spice Storage - Using Spice Racks
Spice racks are a great spice storage solution, requiring little cabinet space yet holding several bottles of your favorite herbs.

Celebrate Easter & Spring With Cool Table Linens & Accessories
After a long winter, celebrate Spring and Easter with these cool table linens and Easter accessories

Keeping Bread Pans Looking Good
Tips for keeping your nonstick bread pans looking good enough for baking bread. What happens if you use your nonstick bakeware for all kinds of cooking and baking?

Cake Decorating Supplies & Accessories
Baking and decorating your own special occasion cakes not only can save you money, but it gives you a great sense of accomplishment, especially when your cakes are admired by guests. It also allows you to be creative and many have found cake decorating to be a fun and profitable hobby.

Quick Cracker Crumbs - Easy Way to Make Cracker or Bread Crumbs
A quick and easy way to crush bread or cracker crumbs with nothing to clean.

Anti-Fatigue Mats - Buying Tips for Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats
Anti-fatigue mats can make it easier to stand for hours at your kitchen counter, but there are some things you should consider before you buy.

Wilton® Ultimate Gingerbread House
Decorating a gingerbread house is a great family project, and the Wilton Ultimate Gingerbread House makes it so easy.

Caring for Wooden Rolling Pins - How to Keep Them in Good Condition
How to care for wooden rolling pins? Care and storage of wooden rolling pins.

Make Your Own Sun-Steeped Iced Tea
Making your own iced tea from sun or solar tea is a great budget stretcher and so easy.

Housewares & Appliances Predictions for 2007
What we can expect for Housewares & Appliances in 2007. Housewares and appliance predictions for the new year.

Fruit Bowls - Keeping the Fruit Fresh & Handy
Keep the fruit bowl filled with fresh fruit for those after school or evening snacks. How to keep your fruit bowl fresh.

Chef'n SleekStor™ Collapsible Colander
Chef'n SleekStor Collapsible Colander is functional, silicone and collapsible for easy storage

Adagio Teas Starter Set
Adagio Teas Starter Set includes a 16 oz teapot, Guide to Tea Booklet and sample gourmet teas.

Under Cabinet Bread Box
Stainless and black under cabinet bread box to keep your bread fresh and handy. De-clutter your counter with a bread that can be attached underneath kitchen cabinets.

Rolling Pins & Resolving Pastry Problems
Problems making good pastry? A change of rolling pin may help!

Gadgets That Rock - Kitchen Gadgets Every Home Should Have
Gadgets you never knew you always wanted and that every kitchen should have.

Before You Buy Kitchen Thermometers
Before you buy kitchen thermometers by Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge.

Set the Halloween Mood With Table Accents & Decorations
Set the Halloween mood with table accents and novelties

Le Creuset Poterie Citrus Grand Teapot
A charming durable 1.5 Qt stoneware teapot

How to Make Pie Crust - Video
About.com video on how to make pie crust

What's the Difference Between a Food Saver & Food Sealer?
An explanation of the differences between a food saver and food sealer

Measurement Conversions - Metric & Imperial
Measurement conversations for recipes including metric and imperial from Homemakers.com

What Are Pink Ribbon Products?
What are pink ribbon products, housewares and appliances and why should we support this campaign?

Pink Ribbon Housewares - Support Breast Cancer Research
Support breast cancer research with the purchase of pink ribbon housewares.

Escali™ Penduline Digital Wall-Mountable Food Scale
The Escali Penduline Digital Food Scale is wall-mountable to save you counter space and has a built-in kitchen timer and clock.

Lee Chesson Handcrafted Wooden Home Accessories
Beautiful functional handcrafted wooden Home Accessories by Lee Chesson, such as cutting boards, rolling pins, lazy susans, chess boards and wooden gift items.

OpenX By Ranchmark - A Safe Opener for Plastic Packaging & More
OpenX by Ranchmark provides easy and safe opening of plastic clamshell packaging, CD cases, cartons, and snack and produce bags.

Bread Boxes Follow Trendy Styles
Bread boxes that are trendy and practical.

Resources for Easy to Use Products - Arthritis at About
Resources and products for arthritis sufferers.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Canisters 3-Pc Set
Calphalon Stainless Steel Canister Set is designed with snug fitting lids and clear lids for viewing contents.

Easy Openers - Housewares To Open Jars, Bottles, Medicine Containers
Top houseware products to open jars, bottles and medicine containers.

What Kind of Openers Should I Get?
How to choose an opener for jars, cans, bottles and more.

Turntables & Lazy Susans - Convenient Table Accents
Single tiered lazy susans or turntables make convenient table accents.

Cibo Nutritional Scale
The Cibo Nutritional Scale can help you to calculate nutritional values.

Black & Decker Lids Off Original Jar Opener
Profile of the Black & Decker Lids Off Original Jar Opener.

Active Forever Products
A good source for special needs kitchen products.

Turkey Leftovers - Get Creative With Your Kitchenware
Turkey leftovers can be served in a variety of delicious recipes and it's a good time to get those dusty appliances out of the pantry and into use.

Pek Wine Stewards - Supremo™ & Preservo™
Pek Wine Stewards are a terrific way to preserve your opened bottle of wine at just the right serving temperature and best flavor.

Pot Racks to Display Your Cookware & Tools - Racks to Store Your Kitchenware
Pot racks have become very fashionable in kitchens and are a great way to store your cookware and kitchen tools.

Kitchen Timers That Double Up
Kitchen timers that have dual timing functions are a great cooking and baking help.

For Cake Decorating Ideas - Visit Wilton's Site
Visit Wilton's site for cake decorating ideas and suggestions.

Ice Cream Bowls and Scoops Makes for Scrumptious Servings
What you need to serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, frozen treats; dishes and kitchen tools for ice cream and frozen treats

Pinking Shears
What are pinking shears and what are they used for? Definition of pinking shears

What's the Difference Between Scissors and Shears?
Difference between scissors and shears; is there a difference between scissors and shears?

Utility Shears
Utility Shears - definition and use; what utility shears are and what they are used for

Baker's Edge All Edges Lasagna Pan Review
Review of Baker's Edge Simple Lasagna Pan; All Edges Lasagna Pan review

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