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Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Iron 19901 Review

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Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Iron 19901 Review

Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Iron 19901

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Though I iron less than I did thirty years ago, I still consider an iron a home essential. You certainly cannot be without one when it comes to making that important first impression, helping your kids get ready for their recital or uniform drill, or to press the table linens for that special dinner. If you're finding it too much of a chore to iron, it's time to upgrade, because it doesn't have to be.

Product Despcription

    Hamilton Beach® Durathon™ Digital Iron Model 19901
  • Durathon™ nonstick soleplate; 10x more durable than traditional nonstick
  • Digital control panel
  • Scratch-resistant durability
  • Superior glide performance
  • 3-Way auto shutoff
  • Superior wrinkle removal; 40% more continuous steam power than leading competitor plus hot soleplate
  • Retractable cord
  • Anti-drip
  • Self clean
  • 1700 Watts
  • 10-Year limited soleplate warranty
  • MSRP: $49.99

How the Durathon Digital Iron Performed

December 2nd, 2012
This is a comfortable and well-balanced clothes iron with some pretty neat features. The soleplate has a Durathon™ coating which is a more durable ceramic type of nonstick, so I'd expect it to last longer than traditional nonstick. The soleplate has a 10 year limited warranty, which is quite impressive. It did glide nicely over different types of fabrics during testing.

As for controls, the digital format is very nice, but the selection button is small. With the backlit display, the settings were actually easier to read than my current iron's dial set-up. It's also more precise and that matters in terms of fabric care. The shape of the iron is ideal, with a narrow soleplate tip, for ironing between buttons or into corners and pleats.

This iron responds fairly quickly to fabric setting changes, the display light blinks until that corresponding temperature is reached and then beeps to let you know it is ready. That's important because when you change from high heat for a linen tablecloth, to low for a synthetic blouse, you want to be sure it has reached that lower temperature before proceeding. Keep in mind that a change between two extreme temperatures takes longer as expected, than when moving up/down one notch on the setting selector.

Steam is a must for wrinkle removal in linens and cottons and the iron ejects ample when steam is selected, plus you can add a (steam) burst on demand or a (water) spray, which lands a couple of inches ahead of the iron. Note that the steam feature should only be used on a high setting for cottons and linens. According to the manual, you can actually steam a hanging garment using the steam burst, but you need to use care not to touch delicate fabrics with the iron while steaming this way. This would not be my preference.

I love the auto shut-off if the iron is left unattended on the soleplate, resting on its heel or on its side. It gives some peace of mind for those times when I get called away unexpectedly. So this is nice to have. When powered down this way, moving the iron can restore the setting so you can then proceed where you left off. Note that it would eventually turn off again if left unattended. Overall it's a good safety feature, but I would prefer it if it turned the iron completely off.

This is a very hot iron with 1700 watts, which makes for quicker ironing. Where some irons require several passes to remove wrinkles, this one generates plenty of heat and steam, and 2-4 passes were often enough during testing, for harder to dewrinkle linens or cottons. That can easily translate into several minutes saved with less ironing effort. I much prefer a hot iron. It makes ironing less of a chore.

This iron is slightly larger and heavier due to the cord storage design. This is a good feature when it comes to storing the iron - no dangling cord that can get snagged. I really don't mind the weight of this iron because it is still very comfortable to use. However, for those who want to save a little money and lighten the iron, they could opt for the Hamilton Beach model 19900, which appears to have all the same features, less the retractable cord.

I actually prefer this retractable cord design which positions it (cord) on the right side of the iron, rather than in the middle as with my current iron, because there was less fabric disturbed by the cord during testing.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

There's three basics things I look for in an iron - heat, a durable nonstick soleplate that glides and doesn't stick to fabrics, and a fair amount of steam. This Hamilton Beach® iron covers all the bases and more. I would expect the soleplate finish to be more durable than some and with this amount of heat and steam, to cut down on ironing time and frustration. That makes ironing much more enjoyable.

The only thing I would change is to have the iron turn off completely when left unattended, though the current sensors are a nice safety feature. The setting selector button is small, but workable. Overall, it's a comfortable iron, is hotter than some and it has a competitive price.

Hamilton Beach® carries an extensive line of affordable clothes irons, as well as kitchen appliances, coffee makers, air quality products, outdoor grills and more.

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