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Yonanas Dessert Maker Review

Yonanas Dessert Maker

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This machine offers frozen desserts using just one or more ingredients. Sounds healthy and too good to be true, I just had to try it.

Product Despcription

    Yonanas® Dessert Maker
  • Use 100% frozen fruit
  • Easy to use with frozen bananas, fruit and more
  • Quick to clean
  • Compact to store
  • Recipes included
  • Winner of 2012 Good Housekeeping VIP Awards
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Watch Yonanas Videos
  • MSRP: $49.99

How the Yonanas Performed

Yonanas Dessert Maker

Photo © Yonanas
May 13, 2013
Out of the box, this dessert maker is smaller than expected with a 6" x 7" footprint. That's a bonus - it takes less room on the counter. This is one appliance I definitely want to keep out and handy all the time. You have to love bananas to truly get the most out of this machine, so it is basically a single use appliance.

That said, there are many variations and combinations of frozen treats that you can make with this. As mentioned in the small recipe book, you can even freeze some of your favorite foods in ice cube trays to use along with banana.

Several in our family are dairy-free and/or gluten-free and we try to reduce sweetening as well. So this frozen treat maker is a must-have appliance to make treats everyone can eat that tastes and looks like ice cream, without any additives, sugar, dairy or allergens.

As for operation, you do need some hand strength to push frozen fruit down - it's not something an eight year old could do. But even with arthritis, I found it much easier than some food processors and not a problem.

You really have to see this machine in action, because it's hard to believe you can turn a plain frozen banana into a yummy dessert. It's extremely easy to use and clean-up truly is a breeze with only five parts to remove and wash/rinse quickly. You should clean the parts right away. It's easier and you'll also not want to waste the few spoonfuls trapped in there.

I've tried all kinds of combinations of (frozen) fruit, even adding some refrigerated Greek yogurt to the mix and frozen semi-sweet chocolate chips to certain blends. You don't always have to blend some banana with other fruit, but it's the best. Leaving the banana out and using just other fruit makes a sorbet-like dessert, which is nice too.

Banana is what gives the finished dessert its smooth, creamy consistency. And when you throw in a small handful of frozen raspberries or a strawberry or two, their flavor is dominant and it's hard to tell that the result is mostly a banana-based soft serve. The serving consistency is just right in my opinion - stiffer than what you usually get from an ice cream maker. You could easily scoop it from the bowl into a cone cup.

How long to let fruit partially thaw before processing depends on how cold your freezer compartment is. I tend to keep the refrigerator freezer just a tad higher than the middle range, so around ten minutes was sufficient. You do need to freeze the fruit a few hours or overnight before using the Yonanas.

Ripe bananas really are best; peel before freezing. And I'd suggest cutting the bananas in one inch pieces when freezing, to get a better blending when alternating with other fruit. Alternatively, you could also stir to blend it.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

If you like bananas, you'll absolutely love this machine. There is nothing to dislike about the Yonanas Treat Maker - it works as advertised or shown on videos and infomercials. And if dairy, gluten, additives, preservatives or sweeteners are usually a concern, this machine is a must for your kitchen, since you can serve a healthy frozen soft-serve alternative.

My granddaughter has a severe dairy allergy, so she can now enjoy her own frozen treat similar to ice cream. You could certainly add sweetening to your treats, but we didn't need any - the ripe fruit flavor was enough. Except of course, the occasional few chocolate chips blended in to satisfy a sweet tooth. I highly recommend the Yonanas - you can make guilt-free healthy frozen desserts with it.

Note that the Yonanas is sometimes sold bundled with a few accessories. The machine only and not optional accessories, were tried for this review.

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Yonanas Dessert Maker

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