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How to Change The Wick Filter & Clean Your Humidifier


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Cleaning Humidifiers - How to Remove the Humidifier Filter
Humidifier Maintenance Step 5

Remove Old Filter

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Simply lift off the old humidifier filter. The product manual or filter instructions for your particular model will confirm whether your unit's filter can be washed. This Honeywell HC-888 wick filter can be washed by soaking it in a sink filled with cool water to remove scale. I recommend a quick vacuuming first to remove the dusty scale residue, then proceed to wash it and it can be returned to the humidifier while still wet, after the humidifier base has been cleaned. Do not squeeze or wring out a wick filter. Hand cleaning it can extend the life of your filter, but these filters are very economical and I prefer to replace the filter more often than washing it. For this illustration, the old filter will be replaced with a new one.

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