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Signs That You Need a Humidifier

How to Tell if You Should Have a Humidifier


Although a hygrometer is the best and most authoritative instrument when it comes to monitoring or measuring the humidity levels in your home, there are some common clues that more moisture is needed. Of course there could be medical reasons for some of these, but generally they signal too dry an environment and are common signs that your home may need added moisture. When it comes to personal health, you should consult with your physician to confirm using a humidifier to remedy those situations.
  • Dry, chapped lips
  • Dry eyes; dry skin
  • Cough, sore throat
  • Dry, cracking furniture
  • Wooden musical instruments are cracking
  • Static electricity
  • Can also be beneficial to those with asthma and allergies
  • Wooden chair rungs are loose and popping out
These generally are common signs that your home needs more moisture. This is especially true during the winter season when home heating systems tend to dry out the air and cause some uncomfortable conditions such as dry, chapped lips. The same can be true when in motel rooms or while traveling in a vehicle, where the heater can quickly dry out the air. A small personal-size humidifier is ideal for adding moisture to motel rooms.

To remedy the situation, you'll need to have some idea of how much moisture to add - that's where a hygrometer becomes essential, to avoid over-humidifying your home, which can cause other problems.
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