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Holmes Medium Room Cool Mist Humidifier HM2408-UC


Holmes Medium Room Cool Mist Humidifier HM2408-UC

Medium Room Humidifier

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Style & Capacity:

A stylish cool mist humidifier that is perfect for a medium sized room, with a water capacity for a convenient operating time of 36 hours. The tank has an easy to grasp handle for effortless refilling.

Performance Features:

This humidifier has two operation settings. You can use the manual operation, where you set it to Low or High setting and turn it off and on. Or you can set the 1Touch® ClearView Humidistat to the desired humidity setting, between 35-55% and it will automatically turn off/on when required. The humidistat has a memory, and when the humidifier is turned on, it will return to the same setting last used.

Filter Information:

This unit is filtered with Arm and Hammer® baking soda, and it has a FilterCheck® Filter Monitor to indicate the wick filter condition. Replacement wick filters are model HWF62 and can be purchased right fromHolmes Products

Warranty & Other Information:

This cool mist humidifier has a 3 year warranty.
Operating Manual

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