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Stadler Form William Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

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Stadler Form William Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Stadler Form William Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Loaded with features that include Ionic Silver Cube technology and a quiet operation, this Stadler Form® William humidifier looks extremely interesting. Keep reading to see how my test went.

Product Despcription

    Stadler Form® William Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Ultrasonic operation with integrated hygrostat
  • Ionic Silver Cube™ works to inhibit the growth of mold bacteria; read about Ionic Silver Cube technology
  • Preheating (enhanced mist distribution)
  • 3 Output levels; Output max. 3.5 gallons per day
  • Extremely quiet yet powerful; low in power consumption
  • Tank capacity: 1.5 gallon
  • Night mode (with dimmed lights)
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Turnable mist diffuser with fine mist selection
  • Includes anticalc cartridge
  • Rated power: 40 Watt (preheating: 125W)
  • Room size: up to 860 sq ft
  • Manufactured by Stadler Form; imported by Swizz Style, Inc.
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 9.1’’W x 12.2’’H x 6.3’’D
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • MSRP: $229.99

How the William Humidifier Performed

January 16, 2013
Before it was even plugged in, we couldn't help but admire the style of this full-featured humidifier. Unlike traditional humidifiers where features, need and function generally outweighs style, the William unit has plenty to offer in terms of looks. So it would fit into any decor, being inconspicuous while misting away quietly.

As part of the set-up, you need to soak the anticalc cartridge in water for 24 hours before inserting it into the humidifier. And be careful when unpacking this humidifier because there is a small Ionic Silver Cube™ in the box, that must be (easily) inserted in the unit. Once in operation, it's evident that this humidifier offers more home moisture monitoring than the average model, with a built-in hygrostat, a humidity level that you can set to your preference and a range of modes to chose from. I especially like the Ionic Silver Cube technology which though not a guarantee, should help to reduce the risk of bacteria.

For those looking for a quiet humidifier, you'll definitely want to check this one out. I've used a lot of humidifiers over the years and where some are whisper quiet, this Stadler Form unit is much quieter. There's barely even a hum and that's with the ear inclined against the front panel. This extremely quiet operation makes it ideal for the bedroom, or areas where you like to carry on a conversation or watch television.

It seems to be well made, the water tank is easy to lift out to fill, plus it has a larger-than-average carrying handle and a good size (water) capacity, while keeping the profile reasonable. With it positioned in our bedroom, we filled it either daily or every second day if run on the lowest setting and turned off during the day, when the room was not occupied. The auto/sleep function is handy when you want to set the operation for 6 hours.

This humidifier has a very fine mist and you can direct it where you want it. The control panel is very informative when it comes to monitoring humidity levels in the room. It shows current as well as preferred humidity level. Any time you add moisture to a room, it's important to check humidity levels so you do not create excess moisture problems. So the hygrostat and visual humidity level display are definitely worthy features. There's also several convenience features that include a no-water indicator, button for heating mode (to preheat the mist), plus buttons for timer and sleep/auto mode. Preheating is ideal for those who don't like a cool mist and it's easy to change to get a mist that's more comfortable, especially for night use.

As for maintenance, the anticalc cartridge should be changed as required. Follow the included directions to test the hardness of your water (testing strip included) - that will give you an indication of how often to change the cartridge. The manufacturer also provides an excellent tip to test whether the cartridge needs changing and also recommends using untreated water for this humidifier or water from a Brita® filter or similar. Note that this humidifier should not be used with softened or ionized water. Read the manual for full details. You also need to clean the unit and change the water weekly - that's typical care for any humidifier.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

This humidifier is extremely quiet and has several features that help you monitor as well as manage humidity output. With an abundance of modes, it can seem confusing, just read the manual carefully to set it properly for your convenience. It has an easy-to-read display panel which I love and the humidifier is convenient to fill. It seems to give fairly accurate humidity readings, which I confirmed with my hygrometer. There was a difference of only one degree.

The display panel light is much brighter than a night light, but it only took me two nights to get used to it. Alternatively, choosing sleep mode does dim it somewhat. For the energy miser, this humidifier is only 40 watts, but does use more power when the preheating function is used.

Initial price and operation (cartridge, Ionic Silver Cube) costs are high for this model; just be prepared to budget for them if you want to run it efficiently. There's nothing else not to like about this humidifier; it offers lots in terms of high-end settings and moisture monitoring.

For those who loathe that white humidifier dust (calcium deposits) that ultrasonic humidifiers usually emit, the William Humidifier comes with a replaceable anticalc cartridge. You can get a replacement Stadler Form Decalcification Cartridge for $14.99US right from Stadler Form, or Compare Prices from vendors. Note that it should be replaced as recommended to maintain efficiency. Likewise, the Ionic Silver Cube also should be replaced annually, for about $24.99US online. Compare prices

Stadler Form® products are Swiss made and marketed in the U.S. and Canada by their exclusive distributor, Swizz Style, Inc. Besides humidifiers, Stadler Form also manufactures fans, heaters, aroma diffusers and air purifiers.

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