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Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier Review

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Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier Review

Stadler Form OSKAR Humidifier

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Loaded with some good basic features that include Ionic Silver Cube and an extremely quiet operation, the Stadler Form® OSKAR humidifier is a good way to add moisture to your living space. Keep reading to see how my test went.

Product Despcription

    Stadler Form® OSKAR Humidifier
  • Evaporative operation with integrated hygrostat
  • Ionic Silver Cube™ works to inhibit the growth of mold bacteria; read about Ionic Silver Cube
  • Turns off when water tank empty
  • 6 to 18 Watt / Fragrance dispenser / 2 output levels
  • Extremely quiet yet powerful; low in power consumption
  • Output: max. 1.9 gallons per day / Tank capacity: 0.8 gallon
  • Dimensions: 11.4" W x 9.7" H x 9.7" D
  • Night mode (dimmable LED lights) / Automatic shut-off
  • Can be used with tap water from a water softener
  • Integrated hygrostat / Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Available in black or white
  • Comes with filter pack
  • Room size:
  • Manufactured by Stadler Form; imported by Swizz Style, Inc.
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $149.99

How the OSKAR Humidifier Performed

January 20, 2013
The OSKAR is an evaporative humidifier so it uses (two) filters to catch lime scale in the water and humidifies without emitting a white dust to the room. The filters need to be changed as required, or at least every two months as recommended by the manufacturer.

The design of this humidifier is quite different. The water tank is in the lower part, motor in the top section and you can fill it with water from the spring-loaded small opening on the side. This is an extremely convenient filling method - I wish all humidifiers had this kind of set up. You can easily fill it with a pitcher as required, so there's no need to carry a heavy water reservoir from the sink, or to unplug and disassemble the unit. The humidifier turns off when out of water and displays a red light. A blue light indicates it is working. The display light can be dimmed or turned off.

Practically silent is how the manufacturer describes the operation and you can believe it. That makes the OSKAR ideal for bedrooms or family rooms. The misting operation is invisible. There's an onboard hygrostat in this humidifier, so you can set your preferred humidity level and it will work to maintain that in the room. We set it for 45% and it seems to keep the room at that humidity level.

Unlike most humidifiers, the controls are somewhat integrated into the design of this humidifier, so you need to review the manual to locate them. Some may like this, but it does take some investigation to understand where the settings are. The product manual is very small print and could be larger. This is a low wattage energy-saving humidifier and that matters when you tend to run one twenty-four hours a day.

The contemporary or European styling of this humidifier does mask its function completely. I've had guests that were surprised when told that the OSKAR is indeed a humidifier. The overall design looks nice, but it does have a large footprint on the end table, which may matter to some. The size of the water tank at 0.8 gallon is small given the overall size of this humidifier. We ran this humidifier on the lowest setting, which maintains our preferred humidity level and we only need to fill it once a day. You can add fragrance to the room with this humidifier if you like.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

This is a very good choice for those who prefer an evaporative super quiet operation and like the fact that it does not look like a humidifier. The OSKAR has good moisture monitoring features with an onboard hygrostat and choice of two settings. There's also Ionic Silver Cube technology.

You'll pay a little more for this neat styling, but the OSKAR does have some good features. The only thing I really don't like is the size of the unit. As for filling with water as required, you can't get a more convenient design. The OSKAR replacement filter pack is $19.99US and can be purchased from Stadler Form, or online - compare prices.

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