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Humidifier Care & Mtce Tips

Tips on how to clean and maintain your portable humidifiers

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What is The Difference Between Cool & Warm Mist Humidifiers?
What is the difference in cool and warm mist humidifiers and how do I know if I need one?

Warm Mist Humidifier
Definition of a warm mist humidifier

Humidifiers - Ultrasonic vs Evaporative Humidifiers
How to choose between an ultrasonic and evaporative humidifier; ultrasonic humidifiers versus evaporative humidifiers; best humidifier type for quiet operation; humidifier types; humidifier white dust control;

Portable Room vs Console Humidifier
Portable Room vs Whole House Console Humidifier; room versus whole house humidifier, choosing the right size humidifier, humidifier buying tips, buy humidifier, humidifier capacity and coverage

Humidifier - Definition
What a humidifier is and why it is beneficial to improve indoor air quality

What is the Difference Between a Hygrometer and a Humidistat
Difference Between a Hygrometer and Humidistat; humidifier humidistat, using a humidistat, using a hygrometer, hygrometer vs humidistat

Hygrometer - Definition and What it Does
Hygrometer - Definition and What it Does

Humidistat - What it is and What it Does
What a humidistat is and why it's a good humidifier feature

Hygrostat - What it is in Relation to a Humidifier
Hygrostat - What it is in Relation to a Humidifier

Why Changing Filters is a Smart Idea
Why changing filters can make a difference

Which Humidifier is Safer - Cool or Warm Mist?
Which type of humidifier is safer - a cool mist or warm mist humidifier? Choose a safer humidifier for your family; humidifiers and humidifier use and safety

Humidifier Fast Facts
Answers to your questions about humidifiers; humidifier fast facts

Humidifier Filters - How Long do Humidifier Filters Last?
About humidifier filters and how long humidifier filters usually last. What can affect humidifier filter life.

Special Safety Care for Warm Mist Humidifiers
More care is needed when operating warm mist humidifiers

Humidifier Maintenance Tips - Caring for Your Humidifier
Tips on how to clean your portable humidifier.

General Appliance & Humidifier Safety Tips
General appliance safety tips and special tips regarding humidifier use

Humidifier Filters Resource
Compare prices and resources of filters for humidifiers

Humidifier Seasonal Maintenance Tips
Planning on storing your portable humidifier for a few months? Here are some tips on proper storage.

Humidifier FAQ's - Humidifier Care Frequently Asked Questions
A list of FAQ's, tips and answers to questions regarding humidifier care and maintenance

Step by Step Humidifier Maintenance & Filter Replacement
Illustrations on how to change the filter in your portable cool-mist humidifier and how to clean the water tank and base. Cleaning tips and how to replace the filters of the Duracraft DCM-200 or Honeywell HCM890 portable cool-mist humidifiers

Why Does a 2-Gallon Humidifier Not Hold the Same Amount of Water
Why does the humidifier capacity differ from the water tank capacity?

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