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Child Proof Your Home With Safe-Lok Cabinet Locks

Keeping Your Children Safe by Locking Kitchen Cabinets


Safe-Lok Child Proofing Cabinet Locks

Safe-Lok Child Proofing Cabinet Locks

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Toddlers love to check out their environment and cabinets have a certain allure they most often can't resist. Although it's important to train your child to know which areas of the house are off-bounds, it can be difficult to have your child in your sights every waking moment.

While it's equally important to relocate toxic cleaners and substances to an area where a crawling infant or toddler cannot reach them, not everything can be safely or practically relocated. Some items such as dish detergent, chlorine bleach and laundry solutions just to name a few, need to be kept where they can be accessed for practical reasons. Installing cabinet locks is a child proofing method to keep your child out, while allowing you easy access to things you need for everyday living.

There are several types of cabinet locks available, but I especially like the ones that require installation rather than those that are simply positioned by an adhesive tape, for obvious reasons. To reduce frustration, look for child proofing cabinet locks that allow adult entry, while protecting your child's fingers and access.

These Safe-Lok Cabinet Locks by Mommy's Helper, have a trap-slot design that protects the child in two ways. It allows limited access but fingers can't be pinched by the cabinet door. These are easy for adults to open and they also have a quick disable function. Their cost is extremely low considering the peace of mind they provide. If you're unsure how to install them, this How to Install Child Proof Locks on Cabinet Doors Video may help.

While child proofing your whole home is very important, areas that can contain the most hazards are kitchen cabinets, especially under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom, and those in the laundry area where detergents are stored.

Child safety locks can be frustrating which is why you should get a product that allows quick entry to adults, while keeping the little ones out. It's a small inconvenience to ensure your child's safety.

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