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Appliance Safety - Be Sure That Appliance Cords are Safe

A Faulty Appliance Cord Can be a Hazard


Appliance Safety - Be Sure That Appliance Cords are Safe

Unsafe Appliance Cord

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For the most part, we tend to take appliances out of the cabinet and plug them in with little or no thought to the cord. Inspecting the cord condition is not always something that we look for, but it should be. Electrical cords can become damaged for a number of reasons and plugging in an appliance with a faulty cord, could be very dangerous.

The appliance illustrated is a bread machine with an electrical cord that has three damaged areas, exposing the electrical wires. A closer inspection reveals a curved shape to at least one of the damaged areas, giving the impression that a dog might have chewed on the cord, when the appliance was at a lower level. It's a good thing the appliance was not plugged in when the damage occurred.

As for the condition of the cord, wires are exposed, but not broken so in this case, covering the cord area with electrical tape is a quick fix. However, there is more than one area of the cord that is in the same shape - in this case, replacing the cord would be the better choice.

If electrical wires were damaged within the cord, taping would not be sufficient to eliminate the risk. The cord would have to be replaced or the appliance discarded. If it's difficult to ascertain the overall condition of the wires, always lean on the safest side and don't use the appliance. Either send it in for repair or discard and replace the appliance.

There are various ways that appliance cords can become damaged over time, with the most common being that cords can become caught and kinked inside cabinet doors. That can lead to a faulty cord and when burn marks are evident, the cord cannot be repaired or saved.

Always use care storing your appliances to ensure cords remain in good condition, make use of cord storage on those appliances with such features. Do not leave appliances at floor level where pets could chew on the cords and make sure to check cords regularly to ensure that they're safe to use.

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