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Home Safety

Products and resources to help keep your home and family safe.

Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats and Making the Right Choice
Making Anti-Fatigue Mat Buying Decisions, understanding the types of anti-fatigue mats available, which anti-fatigue mat is best for you, anti-fatigue mats and making the right choice

Duramax the Pickup Tool Review
Duramax the Pickup Tool Review; review of Duramax Pickup Tool to improve reach

SmartCells Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat Review
SmartCells Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue Mat Review; review of SmartCells carpeted anti-fatigue mat in tan pattern

Fire Prevention Tips - How to Keep Your Family Safe
How to Protect Your Family and Home from Fire; fire preventative tips; reduce the risk of fire in your home

3M™ TEKK Protection™ Holmes Workwear™ Premium Safety Eyewear
3M TEKK Protection Holmes Workwear Premium Safety Eyewear Review; 3M TEKK Protection Holmes Safety Eyewear review

3M™ TEKK Protection™ Digital WorkTunes™ Review
3M TEKK Protection Digital WorkTunes Hearing Protector and AM/FM Stereo Radio Review;3M TEKK WorkTunes review

My Ladder Hand Review
My Ladder Hand Review; review of the ladder accessory My Ladder Hand

GelPro and GelPro Plush Comfort Mats Reviews
GelPro Chef's Mat Comfort mat review; GelPro Plush Comfort mat review; GelPro antifatigue mat reviews

Stoppy Door and Window Stop by UTR Decorating - Review
Read my review of UTR Decorating's Stoppy - an innovative window or door stop you can take where you need it

3M TEKK Protection™ Household Gloves & Valved Respirator Reviews
3M TEKK Protection Personal Safety Gear Review, 3M TEKK Household Chemical Glove review; 3M TEKK Sanding and Fiberglass Valved Respirator review

Heating With Wood - What You Should Know to Burn Wood Safely
Wood burning safety tips; what type of wood to burn and what you should never burn in a home wood heat stove or fireplace

3M Premium Protective Sunglasses Reviews
Review of 3M TEKK Fuel Protective Eye Wear and 3M Tortoise Shell Safety Eyewear; protective sunglasses reviews

Tips on Using Appliances Safely
Tips and information on how to use appliances safely.

What to do if Your Appliance has been Recalled
Find out what to do if your appliance has been recalled or you have concerns

DIY Projects - Do it, But Do it Safely
Home safety tips from 3M; 3M TEKK safety equipment for the home DIY enthusiast; do home projects safely with 3M safety tips

Is an Activated Carbon Filter Adequate to Clean Water
Is an Activated Carbon Filter Adequate to Clean Water? How effective is an activated carbon filter? Is an activated carbon filter enough for drinking water? Carbon water filters - effective and adequate?

Safe Drinking Water and Solutions for Making Tap Water Drinkable
Water is a necessity of life and while water can come from many sources including bottled, municipal systems, rain water or ground water from wells or springs, not all water is considered potable and safe to drink. How safe your water is depends on several factors and what standards it is measured against. In the U.S., the Environmental...

Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink?
Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink? A look at the pros and cons of bottled water.

Plastic Water Bottles - Cause for Concerns
Plastic water bottles concerns, why plastic water bottles are considered a health risk; plastic water bottles are banned in some countries

Candle Warmers Offer a Safe Candle Alternative
Candle Warmers offer a safe candle alternative; get the ambiance of a candle without the flame and fire risk

Fondue Set Safety - Using Your Fondue Safely
Tips on using your fondue set safely

Making Product Safety a Priority
Using only safe appliances; being concerned with product safety; replacing unsafe appliances; certified products and appliances; appliance problems that can lead to hazards; quality control at home; using safe and certified products

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC101 Review
PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Review; review of PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC101

Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System Review
Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System Review; Zuvo Water Filtration and Purator Review; water treatment review, small water treatment systems

Child Proof Your Home With Safe-Lok Cabinet Locks
Child proof your kitchen and keep your family safe from toxic cleaners and other substances.

When to Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed in Your Home
When should you have an active carbon monoxide detector in your home? This list of carbon monoxide risk appliances will confirm when you should install a detector.

Fire Safety Items for the Home
Top 5 Fire Safety Items for the Home by About First Aid Guide Rod Brouhard

Appliance care - When to Scrap it
Appliance care - When to Scrap it; Should you keep using a worn, tired or hazardous appliance?

Ladder Safety Tips
About First Aid Guide Rod Brouhard's ladder safety tips

Home Safety Council (HSC)
The Home Safety Council has essential home safety tips

Choosing a Stepladder That's Right for You
What to look for when you buy a stepladder

X10 Mini Timer - An Alarm Clock, Digital Timer & Appliance or Light Controller
The x10 Mini Timer can provide security and peace of mind by being able to control appliances or lights to go on and off according to your settings.

Cuts in the Kitchen - Knife Injuries During Food Preparation
Rod Brouhard First Aid Guide at About has important treatment tips for kitchen knife cut injuries.

How to Treat Chlorine Gas Exposure - When Bleach is Mixed With Amonia
What happens when you mix chlorine with amonia? Chlorine Gas! About First Aid Guide Rod Brouhard has an excellent article on treating someone that has been exposed to Chlorine Gas.

Dryer Lint Filter Safety Concern
Cleaning your lint filter after every load may not be enough. Here's a simple test to reduce the risk of fire in your home.

12 Most Common Kitchen Injuries - by the Nursing Schools Blog
Learn what the most common kitchen injuries are and how you can avoid them.

Creative Way to Test Smoke Alarms - Testing Your Smoke Alarms
Testing smoke alarms can be difficult, but a Canadian fire department has come up with a creative way to make this easier.

Smoke Alarms - Essential Housewares
Smoke alarms are essential housewares for your home.

Products for Emergencies
Emergency supplies and disaster kit, what you should have on hand.

Candle Safety Tips and Safety Candle Holders
How to use candles safely and choose safe candle holders

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheets - why they matter and what you need to know

Ensure Appliance Cords are Safe to Use
Ensure Appliance Cords are Safe to Use

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Important consumers home and product safety information; learn about product testing and safety certification

How to Install a Home Smoke Alarm - Video
Video tips on how to install a smoke alarm

Childproofing Your Home - Video
About.com video on Childproofing Your Home

How to Install a Child-Proof Lock on a Kitchen Cabinet
Video demonstration on how to install a child-proof lock on your kitchen cabinet

American Cleaning Institute
Resource for extensive information on detergents and cleaners.

Electrical Safety Foundation International - Home Safety Tips
Electrical Safety Tips from the ESFi Website

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