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Appliance Care & Maintenance


A certain amount of care and maintenance is needed in order to keep your appliances in top operating condition. In some cases, improper care can render your appliance warranty null and void and can even cause you needless expense. Learn how to care for your appliances, save money and you may possibly extend their estimated useful life.
  1. Large Home Appliance Care
  2. Kitchen Appliance Care
  3. Comfort & Health Appliances Care
  4. Cooling & Heating Appliance Care
  1. Vacuums and Floor - Care & Use
  2. Appliance Safety
  3. General Appliance Tips
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Large Home Appliance Care

Large appliances in today's market are for many people, a major investment. With this in mind, keeping your appliances in good operating condition can save you money in the long run and hopefully you'll enjoy them for many years. A little preventative maintenance not only protects your investment, for some appliances it's crucial to safe operation.

Kitchen Appliance Care

We often take our small appliances for granted and overlook that they too need care and occasional maintenance, to keep them in good operating condition. And the old cliche "if it's not broke, don't fix", is not a good motto when it comes to appliances. A little appliance care can go a long way to saving you money and frustration.

Comfort & Health Appliances Care

Routine maintenance and care of your air quality appliances is crucial to them functioning as they should. And when it comes to humidifiers, insufficient maintenance can even result in an unhealthy environment. Without occasional filter changes and cleaning, these appliances become clogged and unable to perform as they are designed to. Besides protecting your appliance investment, you can also reap some energy savings from caring for your appliances.

Cooling & Heating Appliance Care


To get the best efficiency from your cooling and heating appliances, you must keep them in good working order. While the goal is to optimize the performance of your appliances, the resulting benefit is reduced energy consumption and that means more savings for you.

Vacuums and Floor - Care & Use


While a steam carpet cleaner is optional, a vacuum is a home essential. But to keep it operating well, this cleaning tool needs a lot of care and maintenance. Don't let that scare you away from this handy cleaning tool, just follow some care tips. There are lots of floor cleaning tools on the market and one that is gaining a lot of popularity, is a steam mop.

Appliance Safety

When it comes to appliances, safety is top priority. That includes buying appliances that have been approved for sale and use in your country, using an appliance as it was intended - the product manual will confirm use, being informed about appliance recalls and lastly but just as important, using the appliance safely.

General Appliance Tips

Appliances usually come with a manual or brochure that includes care, use, and troubleshooting tips. These handy manuals should be kept, since you may want to refer to them someday for care or cleaning instructions, as well as part numbers. But there are other helpful use and care tips that can help you get the most out of your appliances. These tips come from consumers like you. Take a minute to join my forum to discuss appliances, or write reviews on your appliances to share your own tips.

Write a Review - Read a Review

Are you satisfied (or not) with your appliances? Do they perform as advertised? Do you have helpful use or care tips to share? These would surely benefit our readers. Please take a few minutes and review your appliances. And if you'll be shopping for an appliance in the near future, take time to read appliance reviews and buying tips.

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