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Telescopic Window Washers - Extendable Squeegees

Reduce the Climbing by Using an Extendable Window Washer


Window Squeegee

Window Squeegee

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Telescopic or extendable window washers are terrific for getting safely at those higher outside windows. Durable, easy to store and with extendable handles, they take the climbing out of window cleaning, making it safer and quicker to do your windows more often. Extendable window washers will reach most first level or main floor windows. The extension adds a little more than two feet to your normal reach.

The window washer shown is a Mallory Telescopic Window Washer™. It has a 7 foot telescopic handle which is removable, so you can use it with other household tools such as paint rollers. Made of aluminum with a 10" sponge and squeegee end, it is lightweight, durable and easy to handle.

It will last many years and should be hung carefully to prevent any indentations to the sponge or squeegee, which would affect performance. Also handy for marine, RV and auto use, you'll enjoy window cleaning with this little household tool. It's a real time saver!
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