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Smoke Alarms Are Essential Housewares

A Smoke Alarm is Your First Defense in Case of Fire


Smoke Alarms Are Essential Housewares
There are many household safety products on the market with smoke detectors topping that list. Preventative maintenance for your family’s safety is worth every penny. Requirements and recommendations vary by country or area, and there are a lot of product choices to sift through. So here’s a little information regarding smoke alarms to help you be prepared and be safe.
  • Determine what type of power source smoke alarms would be best for your home. Some are battery operated making installation easier, some have to be electrically wired, while others require electrical installation but also have a battery back-up function in case of a power outage.

  • Where should they be installed? Check with your local fire agency, they will have very specific installation guidelines and legal fire code requirements for your area.

  • What special features do you prefer? There are many features to choose from such as remote control functions, silence features, lighting, additional detection sensors, and there are even some that have a feature to record a parent’s instructions to their children, in the event it is activated. Advance technologies have made possible features to detect how serious the threat is.
Once installed, your smoke detectors need to be tested and checked regularly, after all, you’ll want to ensure they’ll operate when you need them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and your local fire agency recommendations for how often you should test your alarms.

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