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Uberlight Task Light Review

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Uberlight Task Light Review

Uberlight Task Light by Reliable

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Inadequate lighting when working at a desk, reading or while doing crafts can eventually strain your vision. The solution is to have a task lamp that directs light on the subject at hand. While many table or pole-style lamps can look very stylish and create a warm atmosphere in your space, a task light is more about clarity, which improves your overall efficiency. It could also be argued that a good task light is a time-saver.

Since I spend a lot of time at a computer workstation daily and fill in other hours enjoying several hobbies which include sewing, beading, painting and general crafts, a good task light is as essential to me as my eyeglasses. The Uberlight is a task light with some good energy-saving features, so I was most anxious to test it.

Product Despcription

    Uberlight Model 8000C Task Light made by Reliable™
  • 99% Energy efficient compared to incandescent bulbs
  • 28 LED's with life expectancy of up to 60,000 hrs
  • 60% less heat compared to halogen bulbs
  • Install with C-clamp; max 1-3/4" (4.5cm) opening
  • 26" Long flexible neck (66 cm)
  • Heavy-duty swivel joint
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $79.95

How the Uberlight Performs

December 20th, 2012
There are three ways to install this task light. You can chose to simply clamp it to your desk or table (how I tested it); remove the clamp and screw it on your surface; or hard wire it following instructions in the manual. Note that when hard wiring, you should ensure that it meets your local electrical codes.

The clamp is really the easiest way to secure this light, so you can transfer it to another work area as required if you so wish. Note that the maximum thickness of your desk or table to accommodate the clamp is 1-3/4". I was unable to clamp it to my adjoining worktable that has a wider edge, but it attached well to my main computer desk, where I also needed a task light.

What you immediately notice with this task light is the nice style with black matte finish that blends nicely with surroundings, a small profile that takes little room for the base or light, an easy to reach on/off switch on top of the lamp head and a stiffer, longer than average goose neck.

There's a reasonable range of motion - the head pivots from side to side, and the sturdy flexible neck allows for movement but resists drooping. It stays firmly where you aim it. This neck should also be more durable compared to many flexible lights that start out loose and become limp and useless as time goes on. The base is well-designed, so when clamped, it gives the impression of a sturdy small base and not the typical look you get with clamps. Overall I love the design of this light.

On the energy side, this light has 28 LED's which provide a clear, bright light without the usual glare or heat. LED's are known to be very energy efficient with a long lifespan. Given my heavy light use, I like the fact that the LED's have an estimated lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, so I don't need to worry about replacing bulbs for a very long time. And when your task light is on for at least five hours daily, that can add up in energy use over a year, so an energy-saving model is just the smart and frugal way to go.

To give you an idea of how much light it projects, I positioned it at the back edge of my desk which is about 35" deep including the extended keyboard shelf. The light span illuminates well my writing area and the keyboard shelf. That's roughly a diameter of two feet, with the head being positioned about 15" above that space. Of course this will vary depending on how far and high the neck is extended, but this is just to give you an idea.

Understand that it does not provide lighting to the full desk surface, nor would I expect it to. It illuminates the specific area where I'm working, which is what a task light should do. The Uberlight is much clearer and brighter than my current 13W full-spectrum desk lamp, so it's much more comfortable to the eyes. I can also swivel it to the right to shed some light to my side worktable, when working there. And with the long neck, you can adjust it considerably. I'm very pleased with the light coverage of this small light.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

This light seems to be quality-built and I love the LED energy-saving aspect. While you can find lights that illuminate a greater area, the Uberlight does provide all the focused lighting I need to make working at my desk comfortable. It also has a compact design.

Though I didn't try it on my sewing desk, I would expect it to be ideal for that purpose. Because of the long neck, you can direct more light exactly where you want it. While sewing machines have built-in lights, they are stationary and inadequate for most sewing and mending. Note that the Uberlight does have some limitations when it comes to the thickness of the clamping surface, but there are other installation options.

The problem with most flexible neck lamps is that they usually have short necks and therefore very limited in adjustments and lighting. Some table models also make it difficult to adjust the neck without toppling it over, and others tend to project too much glare, which can be uncomfortable. The Uberlight has no such issues and seems very durable, is easy to adjust and gives adequate light for doing detailed work at a desk or table.

For those who would prefer a task light with dual lighting settings, Reliable also makes the Uberlight Model 9000C with similar features, but with 2W and 5W brightness settings.

Reliable™ is the trademark of the Reliable Corporation, a family-owned business with deep roots in the sewing machine and fabric care appliance industries. Founded in 1955, this innovative Canadian company now markets products that include sewing machines, clothes irons, lighting and steam appliances for the home, as well as a large variety of commercial equipment for industry. Their products are sold across North America, Asia and Europe.

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