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Holiday Readiness Plan

Planning for a Holiday Dinner


You've just realized how many days there are to the holiday and already the stress is mounting. So much to do, maybe there are gifts to buy for this event, meals to plan, goodies to bake, guests to invite and of course, a home to get ready. How will you ever get it all done? With a good plan, that's how!

A holiday readiness plan can relieve this prep-stress, help you stay focused and ensure you've covered all the important items. As you progress through this list and resources, you'll be amazed at what you will accomplish and you'll actually have fun getting ready for those special days. This checklist is a good plan for hosting any event, any time of the year. Just ignore sections that don't apply to your particular event.
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7 Things to do Ahead (to reduce stress)

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Gift Decisions & Wrapping

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