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Appliance Buying Tips

Be Informed and Buy Appliances That Meet Your Needs


Before you buy an appliance or home product, read my buying tips for each type and compare prices. You'll also find other tips, resources and information that will help you make your buying decision.

Before reading buying tips and comparing prices, learn about product safety and how to tell if a product or appliance is safe in Make Product Safety a Priority

You may also want to read reviews to find out about model features and what consumers like about certain appliances: Read Appliance Reviews

Before You Buy a ...

Air Cleaner or Purifier
Learn what features efficient air cleaners have, where to place one and what an ionizer does. You'll also learn how to check the packaging to find the Clean Air Delivery Rate and what it means.

Air Conditioner for a Room, Learn about the HCFCs Refrigerant Phase-Out
Air conditioners come in all forms, from the portable to the more elaborate central system. What's best for your home? Find out the pros and cons of each type and then you can make an informed decision.

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats
Achy back and feet from standing too long baking or cooking? There is a solution - an anti-fatigue mat, but not all are worthy of their name.

Appliance Extended Service Contract
Learn the pros and cons of service agreements and when it it's a good idea to purchase one for your new appliance.

Blender 101
Blenders are very convenient for a variety of tasks including light batters and frozen drinks. But not all are suited to each task. Find out what features you should be looking for.

Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Steam Cleaner, also see Carpet Cleaner 101 for tips from buying to caring for a carpet cleaner. Learn what features matter most and how to buy a steam carpet cleaner for your home.

Carpet Spot Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner 101
A carpet spot cleaner can save the day when it comes to quickly removing stains before they set. Find out what features are best and how to shop for one.

Coffee Grinder
Learn about coffee grinder features and the styles that are available.

Coffee Maker 101, Coffee Maker - Video, Splurge or Save on a Coffee Maker?, Single Serve Brewer
Since the price range of coffee makers is quite wide, you'll want to look for the features that matter most to you. Are some features really worth the cost? Find out why a certain type of filter can improve coffee flavor. And if you're looking for a pod, K-Cup or cartridge type of brewer, there are things you should think about before buying.

Cookware - Pots & Pans
These video tips will help to know how to buy pots and pans.

When choosing a dehumidifier, you'll want to look for certain features and size the unit to the room or area to maximize the efficiency of moisture removal in your home. These buying tips will help you to know what to look for in a dehumidifier.

Dishwasher 101, Dishwasher Buying Video
Learn about a dishwasher feature that can help your dishes come out cleaner and what size of dishwasher to look for when your kitchen is too small for a standard unit.

Dryer 101 Washer/Dryer Combo
What type of dryer are you shopping for - a full-featured dryer or a basic unit? There are some features you shouldn't sacrifice - learn why.

Food Processor 101, Compact Food Processor
A food processor can be extremely handy in the kitchen. Learn what you can do with a food processor and how to buy one.

Freezer, Freezer 101 - From Buying to Caring
There are two main types of freezers and one maintenance item that you won't want to be without.

Garbage Disposal or Food Waste Disposer, Garbage Disposal vs Trash Compactor
These little systems work hard behind the scenes, but they do have features worth looking for.

Gift Housewares - How to Choose a Great Gift, Need Gift Ideas?
Learn how to pick out a gift they'll appreciate and use and get ideas to help you make purchase decisions.

Gifts for Seniors
Most seniors are very appreciative of gifts, but there are times when certain items are not suitable, practical or could be viewed as a waste of money. These tips will help you buy a gift they'll love and use.

Humidifier (portable) Page 1, Humidifier (portable) Page 2, Humidifier - Video
A humidifier can help you maintain a proper moisture balance in your home. But what size should you get and what does the capacity listed on the package really mean?

Infrared Heaters 101, Quick Facts About Infrared Heaters
What you need to know about infrared heaters for home use.

Iron, What is a Steam Generator Iron?
A steam generator can be a little pricey; make sure it's the best ironing appliance for your needs.

Juicer - Video
Some juicers are more user friendly than others. Learn more about juicers and what to look for in way of features.

Kitchen Cart or Island
A kitchen cart adds so much to a kitchen - storage, workspace and most often, a focal point. But this isn't an item you'll want to replace anytime soon, so find out how to shop for one.

Knife Set or Knives, Splurge or Save on Knives
Learn why a full tang is the best kind of blade and why some prefer to buy a knife set instead of singles when setting up their kitchen.

Popcorn Makers
While you can easily make microwave popcorn, some would argue that using regular popping corn in a popcorn maker results in better tasting corn. Learn what popcorn makers are available to find the type that's best for you.

Ranges 101
Will it be conventional, convection or induction? And what about a bridge element? Make these types of decisions before you head out shopping to save time and frustration.

Refrigerator, Refrigerator 101 - Finding the Best Refrigerator
It's an essential home appliance, but it's also a difficult one to decide on because of the variety of styles, features and sizes. Find out what the best features are and why certain ones are must-haves.

Rice Cooker 101
A rice cooker is essential if you want to save time and have perfect rice often. Find out how to shop and take care of one.

Roaster or Roasting Appliance
This portable appliance can allow you to divert the cooking to another area and reduce the congestion in the main kitchen corner. Find out how to find a great roaster.

Robotic Vacuum
A time-saver and all-around helper, but some features make the best robot vacuum. Also learn what you can expect from a robot vacuum.

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