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Resources and information of household products and accessories that are essential for either safety reasons, or just practical to have around the house. These are often overlooked when setting up house, and safety products should be given top priority. Some of these would make terrific gifts.
  1. Around the House Tips (22)
  2. Battery Use (4)
  3. Home Safety (48)
  4. Product Recalls (23)
  5. Saving Energy, Saving Water (29)

Signature Design by Ashley Contemporary Manhattan/Midnight Rug Review
Signature Design by Ashley Contemporary Manhattan/Midnight Rug Review; Ashley area rug review

Dorm Room Essentials - Outfit the Dorm for Comfort & Study
Dorm room essentials - Outfit the Dorm for Comfort & Study; what they need for the dorm room, the comforts of home dorm room essentials, dorm room must-haves

Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets
Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets; the best collapsible housewares and kitchen gadgets; find collapsible products that meet your needs and storage space

Uberlight Task Light Review
Uberlight Task Light Review

ThermaCELL Mosquito Area Repellent Lantern Reviews
ThermaCELL Mosquito Area Repellent Lantern Reviews; review of ThermaCELL Mosquito Lanterns

Origami Rack System R3-01W - The 20-Second Folding Shelf Unit
Review of Origami Rack system R3-01W - the 20 - second folding rack by Mac Sports Inc

LinenMe Natural Linen for the Kitchen - Reviews
Learn more about LinenMe's natural linen table runner and linen/cotton blend tea towels in my review.

Predictions for New Year 2012
We're in a new decade and for many of us, it means adapting to a few changes in how we do things, what we spend and how we live. But change can be very good and we can embrace this challenge because it brings awareness of what is most important, as we look for ways to be kinder to our environment and to others. It also means a return to the...

ITT AquaCharge Water Pump
Review of ITT AquaCharge submersible rechargeable water pump; compact submersible AquaCharge water pump for fresh or salt water use

Basic Housewares - Essential Housewares
Basic housewares and appliances every home needs. Home essentials every home needs; basic house essentials

Chelsea Limited Edition Heritage Ship's Bell Clock
A look at Chelsea's Limited Edition Heritage Ship's Bell Clock

Caring for Your Housewares and Appliances
Tips on how to care for your appliances and housewares

Buying Tips for Housewares & Appliances
Buying tips for housewares and appliances

Space Savers - Organizing Your Home
Space savers to organize your home

Off PowerPad Mosquito Lamp & Lantern Review
Review of the Off PowerPad Mosquito Lamp & Lantern

Energy Saving Tips - Energy Saving Tips for Appliances
Energy saving tips for your household appliances and products.

Eco Washing Lines - Versatile Clotheslines, Washing Lines & Indoor Air
Eco Washing Lines and indoor airers are available in various configurations and installation options.

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Important product and home safety information for consumers

Top Picks Index of Housewares, Appliances & Gift Ideas
Alphabetical index of Top Picks of Housewares, Appliances, Product Use & Gift Ideas

Garbage Gorilla - Helping You Tote Your Trash
Garbage Gorilla is a lift and transport system that helps you get your trash to the curb.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager
Having a home inventory listing of your household assets can really come in handy should you lose these possessions. Financial Software Guide Shelley Elmblad has a review and information on Quicken's Home Inventory Manager, sofware to help with this project.

Choosing a Stepladder That's Right For You
Choosing a stepladder that's right for you is extremely important to ensure a safe climb everytime.

Before You Buy Index Listing - Index of Housewares & Appliances Buying Tips
A listing of before you buy tips and information on housewares and appliances.

New Year's Resolutions for House & Home
New Year's resolutions for your house and home.

How To Assemble a Basic Sewing & Mending Kit
Every household needs a basic sewing and mending kit for those last minute button or mending tasks.

Organization & Storage Resources
Ideas to help you organize all your household essentials.

Home Essentials Guests Will Notice (or Miss)
Getting ready for company can stress even those used to entertaining and while we often think of making drastic changes to furniture or home...

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