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Thanksgiving Day & Turkey Tools

What You'll Need to Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Roaster

Thanksgiving Roaster

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When is Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving 2013 is on Thursday, November 28nd in the US and on Monday October 14th in Canada. It is probably the most celebrated turkey day, shared with family and friends. In fact, you could say that Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season.

If you're hosting this year's Thanksgiving dinner or cooking a turkey, there are a few items you'll need for this important day and tips to make the dinner a success. Before we look at the must-have turkey tools, take a minute to review my Holiday Readiness Plan and hosting tips. You may want to refer back to these handy lists often over the next few days.

Essentials Guests Will Notice or Miss
Holiday Readiness Plan
How to Host a Stress-Free Dinner

Buying a Turkey Roaster

Cooking a turkey generally means using a large roasting pan which can accommodate the size of the bird, or another roasting appliance suitable for the occasion. While there are several options for cooking a turkey, the most common and often the cheapest, is to cook it in an oven roaster or roasting pan. These tips will help you find the best roaster for your turkey and help you care for it.

Before You Buy a Roaster or Roasting Appliance will give you tips on what roaster options are available and what features are best.
Splurge or Save on Cookware will help you understand cookware prices so you stay on budget.
10 Ways to Ruin Nonstick Cookware & Bakeware explains what can happen when care is not implemented and gives you remedies to keep pans looking good.
Caring for Stainless Steel Cookware Worried about stainless care? These tips will help you care for a stainless steel roaster.
How to Cure or Season Cast Iron takes the fear out of buying this age-old, high performance cookware.
What's the Difference Between a Slow Cooker and Roaster Oven? These two appliances may look similar, but they are quite different in how they cook.

Compare Prices of Roasters

Read and write reviews on turkey tools and roasters

What About Using a Budget Foil Roaster?

This is an option many choose - it's economical, practical and there's no cleaning, just discard it. However, there are reasons why this roaster option may not be the best choice. But if this is your only roaster choice, check out my tips on using a foil roaster.
About Foil Roasters for Cooking a Turkey
Compare prices of foil roasters

Have You Considered an Outdoor Fryer or Cooker?

Roasting a turkey outside can keep your kitchen cooler and more comfortable, keeps your oven space for the rest of the meal and it usually draws a crowd since everyone wants to monitor cooking. While frying with oil is not everyone's preference, there are those that feel this type of cooker produces the most succulent turkey. But there is an alternative to frying with a lot of hot oil - Char-Broil's the Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer. It produced the same frying results during my review and since there's no oil to worry about, it's a safer cooker option.
Char-Broil the Big Easy Turkey Fryer Review
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Must-Have Turkey Tools

There are actually several that I would consider essential for cooking a safe and savory meal. Economical to buy, you'll want to have these on hand for turkey day. A baster or basting brush is a must and since many brushes are now silicone, you may want to read more about using silicone kitchen tools.
Turkey Tools You'll Need
Poultry Lifters
About Silicone Kitchen Tools
Read and write reviews on turkey tools

Are You Prepared to Carve the Turkey?

You'll need a sharp chef's, boner or slicer to carve your turkey and to protect your counter, a large cutting board. If your kitchen knives are rather dull, it would be a good idea to sharpen them before the big day, to reduce the workload.
Learn More About Kitchen Knives
Read Knife Reviews
How to Use a Knife Steel - Video
Simple, Basic Knife Sharpening
Read Chef's Choice M130 Profesional Knife Sharpening Station Review
Splurge or Save on Kitchen Knives?
Cutting Board Basics

Compare prices of knives
Compare prices of cutting boards
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Are You Making Pies & Desserts for Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

I love making pies, but I know that pastry isn't everyone's forte. Sometimes, it's the tools used to make pastry that can be the problem or the technique.
How to Use a Pastry Blender
Pastry Tools and Baking Utensils
Rolling Pins & Resolving Pastry Problems
Bundt Cake Basics
Rosette Tools and How to Use Them
Cookie Presses & Cutters
Caring for Wooden Rolling Pins
Cake Decorating Supplies

Other Items That Can Help When You Host a Dinner
There's more than the turkey to consider especially if you are hosting the dinner or party. And having housewares sized right for cooking and serving to a group of guests, helps meet dinner serving times and makes the buffet table more efficient.

Party Appliances & Supplies
A Plate Charger Can Dress Up Your Table
Essential Cooking Utensils
Top Seafood Tools
Buffet Servingware
Housewares for Large Gatherings
Chill Out & About Food Serving System

Helpful Tips for Turkey Day

How to Roast a Turkey Video
How to Set a Table
Hosting Tips
Best Hostess or Thank You Gifts - If you're not cooking but invited for this meal, consider a small thank you gift for your host or hostess.

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