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EcoFan Airplus Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan Review

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EcoFan Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan

EcoFan Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan

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The Bottom Line

This EcoFan helps considerably to circulate warm air to our kitchen and neighboring sitting area. It's a must-have accessory for improving heat distribution from wood-burning stoves.
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  • Non-electric, no hook-up required
  • Works well to circulate warm air
  • Small footprint on the wood cookstove top
  • Saves on energy


  • Price is high, but comparable to other similar fans


  • EcoFan Air Plus 3-Blade Design
  • Heat-powered - no installation or hook-up required; operates from wood stove heat; ultra-quiet operation
  • Fan body is constructed of anodized extruded aluminum and blades are anodized brass color
  • Made to sit on the top of freestanding wood-burning stoves: heat stoves, wood stoves, pellet stoves, wood cookstoves
  • Recommended for wood heat stove range of 400 - 650 deg F. Higher than 700 degrees F could damage the fan.
  • Use care when handling to not bend the blades which could hamper proper operation.
  • Compare Prices of other heat-powered fans
  • Read more about heating with wood

Guide Review - EcoFan Airplus Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan Review

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the EcoFan actually being able to operate from heat power and to be able to push the air away from the wood cookstove, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The EcoFan looks like such a simple design, yet it does work well. Because it's not electric, there is no hook-up required and it just sits permanently on the top of the freestanding cookstove. When the stove is lit and the fire heats up, within minutes the blades start to turn and the speed increases as the stove temperature gets higher.

When the stove burn and heat diminishes, the fan will slow down and come to an eventual stop - you don't need to do anything with it, operation is automatic. It merely sits towards the back of the top of the heat stove and works when the stove is on.

We can feel the warm air circulating several feet away from the stove when the fan is at maximum turning speed. This fan produces no noise, it operates silently.

The EcoFan is a good wood stove accessory - a 'green' product that saves on energy use and helps to distribute wood-burning heat.
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 4 out of 5
Simply...It Works, SIMPLY, Member chrispy072

Unlike the previous reviewer, i have found this fan to be a great asset - it has lowered the rate i burn through wood (i dunno how) AND it quietly and most efficiently provides the impetus for the heated air rising up from the wood stove (read: radiant heat source) to circulate, ie: radiate. By design, you're not supposed to feel the heat coming from the fan (it's not a heater) - most high school graduates will tell you that - but if you want to confirm that your fan is working, just put an incense stick (or anything smoking), behind the fan and watch it get sucked into the fan - and where does it go, you ask? - to the other side of the room. Heat disbursed around the house + less wood burned = $100 bucks well spent !

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