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Heating With Wood

Resources for heating your home with wood

Why NOT to Use a Regular Vacuum to Clean Ash
Why NOT to Use a Regular Vacuum to Clean Ash, Wood Heat Stove, why using a specially designed ash vacuum is better than a regular vacuum to clean your pellet stove, woodstove or fireplace

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC101 Review
PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Review; review of PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC101

Ash Vacuum - Definition and Use
Ash Vacuum - Definition and Use, why and when to use an ash vacuum, why a regular vacuum should not be used for cleaning ashes

Buy a Wood-Burning Pellet Stove or Insert
Before you buy a wood-burning pellet stove, there are a few things to consider, such as installation, whether dual fuel, availability and types of pellets and more.

Fire Prevention Tips - How to Keep Your Family Safe
How to Protect Your Family and Home from Fire; fire preventative tips; reduce the risk of fire in your home

Carbon Monoxide Alarms - When You Should Have One
The conditions when you should have an active carbon monoxide alarm

EcoFan Airplus Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan Review
EcoFan is a heat-powered fan used to help circulate the warm air generated from a wood stove. Read the EcoFan review to see how it works.

Before You Buy a Wood Heat Stove
Wood-burning heat stove buying tips. These buying tips can help you shop for a wood-burning heat stove for your home.

Wood Heat Stove vs Pellet Wood Stove - Comparing a Wood Heat Stove to a Pellet S
Comparing the differences between a wood heat stove and a wood-burning pellet stove. Which type of wood-burning stove is best for your home depends on certain factors.

American Energy Systems
An online resource site for wood heat products such as pellet stoves, heat stoves, flex-fuel stoves fireplace inserts and corn fuel stoves.

Free Firewood - Where to Find Free Firewood for Heating
Where you can find free firewood to burn in your heat stove. Supplement your firewood supply with salvage or bargain wood.

What is a Cord of Wood
How much wood is a cord of wood?

Tips from the HPBA on Greening Your Home - Heating
Green heating tips from the HPBA

Definition of a Clinker
Definition of what a clinker is in relation to burning with wood

Heating With Wood
Heating with wood can save you money. Wood is a good alternative heating source.

What Not to Burn in Your Heat Stove
What you should avoid burning in your wood stove or fireplace. What not to burn in your wood-burning heat stove. Some of these items should never be used for wood heat.

Firewoods That Burn More Efficiently in a Heat Stove
The type of wood that is best to burn in your wood heat stove. Best firewood to burn. Choose your firewood for heating efficiency and longer burn.

Elmira Wood-Burning Cookstoves
A look at Elmira's vintage-style Fireview wood-burning cookstoves

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