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What is a Cord of Firewood?


Question: What is a Cord of Firewood?
What is a cord of firewood? How much wood is in a cord of firewood? What is a face cord of wood?
Answer: When it comes to burning wood in a fireplace or wood heat stove, the firewood supply is usually sold in a measure called a cord. Regulations as to the sale of firewood cords vary by state and country.

Although there are many names associated with a cord of wood, the legal definition of a cord of firewood in the US and Canada, is a full or bush cord, which measures 4' wide x 4' high x 8' long and is 128 cubic feet in volume.

Other names not defined by statutes for a stack of firewood are a face or rick cord which often refers to a stack of wood 4' high x 8' long and on the average about 16" wide, or the size of the firewood pieces.

Therefore a face or rick cord is usually smaller than a full or bush cord.

Another wood stack measure is a sheldon cord, which varies in size and is often bigger than a full cord.

Since the name given to a cord of wood can vary, it's always smart when buying firewood, to confirm the stack size or amount of firewood you are actually buying.

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